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Results WINNERS: Ioana Hotaran Miss Supranational Romania 2023, @ioanahotaran

Ioana Oleleu Miss InfoFasion Romania, @johanna_ioaana
Maria Sod Miss Tourism RIFF Romania, @sod_maria7
Daniela Stefan Miss Aura Romania, @daniela_xo_
Alexandra Mecu Top Model World Romania, @mecu_alexandra29
Theodora Goleanu Miss Intercontinental Romania @imtheooo
Calina Mitra The Miss Globe Romania @calina_mitra


Special Prizes:

Best New Face - Dalia Turda @daliaa28
Best Body - Olga Gutanu @olly_gutanu
Best Photogenic - Patricia Pruneanu @patrriii15
Best Catwalk - Haricleea Guiu @guiuharicleea.maria
Best Talent - Catinca Neculaiasa @catinca.neculaiasa
Best New Entry - Flavia Bartos @flaviabartos & Denisa Corb @denisacorb

Results TOP 20:

01. Flvvia Bartos
02. Olga Gutanu
03. Theodora Goleanu
04. Maria Sod
05. Laura Marusca
06. Alexandra Mecu
07. Rebecca Pop
08. Ioana Hotaran
09. Rafaela Farcas
10. Haricleea Guiu
11. Denisa Corb
12. Calina Mitra
13. Bianca Calian
14. Daniela Stefan
15. Alexandra Dobrica
16. Ioana Oleleu
17. Dalia Turda
18. Laurentia Bruma
19. Patricia Pruneanu
20. Catinca Neculaiasa

Romanian InfoFashion Festival Spirit of Beauty is Electing 7 Crown Winners

Andra Tache Miss Supranational Romania 2022 is all set to crown her successor at Romanian InfoFashion Festival Spirit of Beauty® 2022 to elect Winners for Miss Supranational Romania 2023, Miss Intercontinental Romania, Top Model of The World Romania, The Miss Globe Romania, Miss Aura Romania, Miss Tourism Romania and Miss Supertalent Romania Crowns in Cantacuzino Busteni Castle on Thursday, September 1, 2022
The Festival Started on Monday August 29, 2022 and concludes with 7 Crowning on Thu, Sept 1, 2022, A 4-day Full of Fun Gala!!!
Hotel Alexandros Busteni & Vila Alexandros, The 3-star hotel, located Address: Bulevardul Libertății, Bușteni 105500, Romania is hosting the participants at the Romanian InfoFashion Festival Spirit of Beauty® 2022, where the representatives of Romania will be chosen at international beauty contests!
Located in a special setting, with a privileged position in the center of the Bușteni resort, the ALEXANDROS hotel, with its special architecture, is one of the most elegant and refined hotels in the Prahova Valley

Miruna Alexandra Doldor aka Miruna Doldor Miss Aura Romania 2022 will crown her successor. She is Miss Glamour Look Romania 2022, Miss Nation Romania 2022, Top 10 Miss Multiverse 2021, Miss Universe Romania 2020, and Miss Super Globe 2019 who is available at @miru.alex /

Diana Ioana Simota aka Diana Simota Miss Supertalent of the World Romania will represent Romania to Miss Supertalent of the World 2022 Season 15 in Paris, Switzerland, Milano, Roma. The Final venue for 27 Sept. 2022 is on set at Pavillon Campon Capucines Paris. She is MISS BIKINI UNIVERSE ROMÂNIA 2021

Ada Maria Ileana Miss International Romania 2021 will represent Romania at 60TH Miss International in Japan on Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Denisa Andreea Malacu Miss Intercontinental Romania will represent Romani at 50TH Miss Intercontinental 2022 Grand Finale on Friday, October 14, 2022.

Andra Tache Miss Supranational Romania 2022 represented Romania in Miss Supranational 2022 and emerged winner TOP 24!!!

The Host of the Romanian Info Fashion Festival - Spirit of Beauty event on the evening of the Final on September 1st, is..... Cantacuzino Castle from Buşteni.

Of great architectural, historical, documentary and artistic value, it was built in 1911 at the request of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (Nababul), former minister of Romania between 1899-1900, 1904-1907.

The castle, built in neo-Romanian style, is surrounded by a park whose paths lead visitors to the grotto, waterfalls and artesian fountains.

The reception hall houses a unique heraldry collection in Romania. The building made of stone and brick according to the architect's plans


Check 37 Contestants Vying for Miss Supranational Romania 2023, Miss Intercontinental Romania, Top Model of The World Romania, The Miss Globe Romania, Miss Aura Romania, Miss Tourism Romania and Miss Supertalent Romania Crowns

  1. Oana Stan @oanaastaan
  2. Cristina Tuchel @krrriisssssssssss
  3. Laura Maruska @maruscalaura
  4. Patricia Pruneanu @patrriii15
  5. Ana Surlea @ana_s601
  6. Melinda Gergely @xmelindagergely
  7. Haricleea Guiu @guiuharicleea.maria
  8. Alexia Apolzan @alexia.apolzan 
  9. Adriana Poapa @adrianaaa.adrianaaaa
  10. Adelina Rusanu @_adelina_valentina
  11. Laura Paveliu @lauraioanap
  12. Stefania Petrisor @_stefaanaa_
  13. Alexandra Mecu @mecu_alexandra29
  14. Rebeca Pop @rubina.pop
  15. Carla Musan @carlaaelena
  16. Dalia Turda @_.daliaa28._
  17. Marlena Fluture @marlenafluture
  18. Calina Mitra @calina_mitra
  19. Theodora Goleanu @imtheooo
  20. Rafaela Farcas @rafaella.farcas
  21. Alexandra Dobrica @alexandradobrica
  22. Stefana Balaur @stefanaa.eva
  23. Ioana Hotaran @ioanahotaran
  24. Ioana Oleley @johanna_ioaana
  25. Rebeka Tira @tirarebeka
  26. Laurentina Bruma @laurentiabruma
  27. Daniela Stefan @daniela_xo_
  28. Bianca Calian @bianca_elena_c
  29. Flavua Bartos @flaviabartos
  30. Olga Gutanu @olly_gutanu
  31. Maria Sod @sod_maria7
  32. Alesia Bese @alesia2o
  33. Rafaela Mazere @rafaela.mazere
  34. Astrid Kiss @astrid.kiss
  35. Tania Briscan @taniabriscan__
  36. Denisa Corb @denisacorb
  37. Catinca Neculaiasa catinca.neculaiasa

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