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The Voting for Miss Intercontinental 2023 to support the favorite contestants directly into the TOP7 is now LIVE at

Final on Fri, Dec 15th at Sunrise Remal Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Dec 14: Here is the Streaming of Miss Intercontinental 2023

Results: WINNER: Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat Miss Intercontinental 2023 - Thailand

  1. Mexico: Christina Villegas Murillo 1ST Runner-Up
  2. Vietnam: Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Hằng 2ND Runner-up
  3. Serbia: Sara Damnjanović 3RD Runner-up
  4. Colombia: Marelis Salas Julio 4TH Runner-up
  5. Russia: Daria Reshta 5TH Runner-Up
  6. Sierra Leone: Christiana sia Johnson 6TH Runner-Up

TOP 22

  1. Denmark: Naja Mathilde Rosing
  2.  Ecuador: Stefanny Nicolle Dávalos Cristellot
  3.  Philippines: Iona Violeta Abrera Gibbs
  4.  Finland: Vera Eloranta
  5.  England: Lana Taylor
  6.  Japan: Chika Mizuno
  7.  Cameroon: Cameg Brenda Emili Meriki
  8.  Cuba: Stephanie Müller Quevedo
  9.  Myanmar: Nang Sam Phaung
  10.  Poland: Kornelia Golebiewska
  11.  Puerto Rico: Pamela Marie Ramos Rodríguez
  12.  Czech Republic: Anna Benešová
  13.  Dominican Republic: Yailin Georgina García
  14.  Venezuela: Migleth del Valle Cuevas Mujica
  15.  Zambia: Margaret Ngonyani

Continental Miss Intercontinental 2023

  • Miss Intercontinental Africa 2023, Christiana sia Johnson - Sierra Leone
  • Miss Intercontinental South America 2023, Marelis Salas Julio - Colombia
  • Miss Intercontinental North America 2023, Christina Villegas Murillo - Mexico
  • Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania, Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Hằng - Vietnam
  • Miss Intercontinental Europe 2023, Daria Reshta - Russia

Dec 14: Watch The National Costume Show Streaming Now LIVE

Day 4 - Dec 1st: Sash Ceremony Streaming Now

Friday, December 1, 2023: Today on the 4th day, the Sash Ceremony Miss Intercontinental 2023 is now streamed live by MIO S.A Miss Intercontinental Organization for global audience free to watch and check the contestants actually reached in Egypt.

The Welcome Party with the contestants and guests was hosted by the organization after sash ceremony. The Miss Intercontinental Welcome Party was "An opportunity for everyone to come together, celebrate diversity, and forge lifelong friendships. Laughter, music, and dancing filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment."

The 18 Days Long Miss Intercontinental 2023 - 2024

The 51ST Miss Intercontinental 2023, also popular as Miss Intercontinental 2024 is official scheduled during Tuesday, November 28th to Friday, December 15th, 2023. The Grand Finale and Coronation Gala is set at the pageant venue, Sunrise Remal Resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on Dec 15th.

The Contestants at Miss Intercontinental 2023 have posted their official introduction videos at URL like Miss Intercontinental Sierra Leone 2023, Christiana sia Johnson shared her hobbies as "walking along the beach or creating poetry in the beach" adding "these beaches has always been therapeutic for me helping me relax and giving me a sound mind to think creatively".

The Reigning Queen Miss Intercontinental 2022, Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc of Vietnam will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale and Coronation on Friday, December 15, 2023. Ngoc's runner-ups are Mariela Pepin 1st Runner-up of Puerto Rico, Cecilia Almeida 2nd Runner-up of Brazil, Joy Raimi Mojisola 3rd Runner-up of Nigeria, Tatjana Genrich 4th Runner-up of Germany and  Emmy Carrero 5th Runner-up of Venezuela.

Day 3 - Thu, Nov 30th

Enjoying Every Moment: On the 3rd day at Meraki Sharm Resort, the Miss Intercontinental 2023 Contestants indulged in a day filled with unforgettable experiences.

Day 2 - Wed, Nov 29th

The organization informed "The delegates of Miss Intercontinental 2023 have astoundingly forged a deeply inspiring bond, proving that sisterhood is the cornerstone of every beauty queen’s marvelous journey. Genuine friendships flourish as one of the highlights in pageantry, and Miss Intercontinental stands as a living testament to this truth."

Day 1 - Tue, Nov 28th

Contestants Arrival & Registration is made at Miss Intercontinental 2023 pageant camp at Sunrise Remal Resort.

Online Voting People's Choice Award @ Miss Intercontinental 2023 Commences with 68 Contestants

The winner of the “People’s Choice Award” secures a Wild Card entry and secures a spot in the Final 7, alongside the “Power of Beauty Award” and the Continental winners.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023: The MI Organization today announced the Choicely Powered Fan Vote System online saying "Your Vote Matters! Help Your Country Shine in the Finale, Join us as we kick off the exhilarating journey towards the Miss Intercontinental Finale! Tomorrow, the Online-Voting begins, and your participation can make all the difference."

Check The LIST of Miss Intercontinental 2023 Contestants

This is the list based on election / appointment crowning but the number of contestants at Online Voting and the actual presence may be different, to be updated

  1. Lulusa Kateshi Miss Intercontinental Albania 2023
  2. Xiomara Selene Menna Podversich Miss Intercontinental Antarctica 2023
  3. Zarina Robledo Miss Intercontinental Argentina 2023
  4. Melanie Wells Miss Intercontinental Australia 2023
  5. Vivienne Mistelbauer Miss Intercontinental Austria 2023
  6. Leonora Nasser Miss Intercontinental Bahrain 2023
  7. Anonna Fatima Miss Intercontinental Bangladesh 2023
  8. Tatyana Politova Miss Intercontinental Bashkortostan 2023
  9. Kim Hulshof Miss Intercontinental Dutch 2023
  10. Nadezhda Tolstikova Miss Intercontinental Belarus 2023
  11. Paris Cawich Miss Intercontinental Belize 2023
  12. Michell Andrea Emerenciana Miss Intercontinental Bonaire 2023
  13. Adna Sejkanovic Miss Intercontinental Bosnia and Herzegovina 2023
  14. Endel Poncio da Cruz Miss Intercontinental Brazil 2023
  15. Naja Mathilde Rosing Miss Intercontinental Denmark 2023
  16. Stefanny Nicolle Dávalos Cristellot Miss Intercontinental Ecuador 2023
  17. Valeria Nicole Álvarez Contreras Miss Intercontinental El Salvador 2023
  18. Samantha Kasela Miss Intercontinental Estonia 2023
  19. Iona Violeta Gibbs Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2023
  20. Vera Eloranta Miss Intercontinental Finland 2023
  21. Irine Gegia Miss Intercontinental Georgia 2023
  22. Angela Esi Apiaah Eshun Miss Intercontinental Ghana 2023
  23. Shyanne McIntosh Miss Intercontinental Gibraltar 2023
  24. Pamy Sarypha Miss Intercontinental Guadeloupe 2023
  25. Dorottya Nánasi Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2023
  26. Bhawana Vaishnav Miss Intercontinental India 2023
  27. Friska Goldarina Miss Intercontinental Indonesia 2023
  28. Lana Taylor Miss Intercontinental English 2023
  29. Rojina Ghoreishi Miss Intercontinental Iran 2023
  30. Eve Mullins Miss Intercontinental Ireland 2023
  31. Mary Jo Tullo Miss Intercontinental Italy 2023
  32. Titania Mycko Miss Intercontinental Jamaica 2023
  33. Chika Mizuno Miss Intercontinental Japan 2023
  34. Laura Gocht Miss Intercontinental German 2023
  35. Cameg Brenda Emili Meriki Miss Intercontinental Cameroon 2023
  36. Patricia Rosalyn Seward Miss Intercontinental Canada 2023
  37. Dorine Mokua Kemunto Miss Intercontinental Kenya 2023
  38. Marelis Salas Julio Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2023
  39. Seol Lee Lee Miss Intercontinental Korea 2023
  40. Enkela Hoxha Miss Intercontinental Kosovo 2023
  41. Carolina On Porras Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2023
  42. Elizaveta Savelivechiva Miss Intercontinental Crimea 2023
  43. Patricia Cindrić Miss Intercontinental Croatia 2023
  44. Stephanie Müller Quevedo Miss Intercontinental Cuba 2023
  45. Ema Urbanovičiūtė Miss Intercontinental Lithuania 2023
  46. Hristina Janeska Miss Intercontinental North Macedonia 2023
  47. Lindsey Yep Miss Intercontinental Malaysia 2023
  48. Marie Shelby Spagnut Miss Intercontinental Mauritius 2023
  49. Christina Villegas Murillo Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2023
  50. Maria Mamdouh Miss Intercontinental Egypt 2023
  51. Ecaterina Neculăiasa-Pavel Miss Intercontinental Moldova 2023
  52. Elena Egorova Miss Intercontinental Mongolia 2023
  53. Monika Radović Miss Intercontinental Montenegro 2023
  54. Sumnima Khapung Miss Intercontinental 2023Nepal 2023
  55. Monika Herszenyi Miss Intercontinental Norway 2023
  56. Shafaq Naseem Akhtar Miss Intercontinental Pakistan 2023
  57. Milagros Arami Walther Mereles Miss Intercontinental Paraguay 2023
  58. Diana Elizabeth Sánchez Navarro Miss Intercontinental Peru 2023
  59. Sandra Cardodo Delgado Miss Intercontinental Portugal 2023
  60. Pamela Marie Ramos Rodriguez Miss Intercontinental Puerto Rico 2023
  61. Anna Benesová Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2023
  62. Yailin Georgina Garcia Miss Intercontinental Dominican Republic 2023
  63. Sonja Kopčanová Miss Intercontinental Slovak Republic 2023
  64. Alexandra Ionela Dobrica Miss Intercontinental Romania 2023
  65. Daria Reshta Miss Intercontinental Russia 2023
  66. Maria Zanotti Miss Intercontinental San Marino 2023
  67. Amber Reardon Miss Intercontinental New Zealand 2023
  68. Sara Damnjanović Miss Intercontinental Serbia 2023
  69. Violetta Saraeva Miss Intercontinental Siberia 2023
  70. Isata Kandakai Miss Intercontinental Sierra Leone 2023
  71. Emily Merchant Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2023
  72. Nika Salamon Miss Intercontinental Slovenia 2023
  73. Nikiwe Makondo Miss Intercontinental South Africa 2023
  74. Sara Nweke Novo Miss Intercontinental Spanish 2023
  75. Jennifer Alvhäll Lindahl Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2023
  76. Ekaterina Morozova Miss Intercontinental Tatarstan 2023
  77. Chatnalin Chotjirawachat Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2023
  78. Britney Ramatula Miss Intercontinental Trinidad and Tobago 2023
  79. Amber Summer Corbett Miss Intercontinental United States of America 2023
  80. Migleycith del Valle Cuevas Mujica Miss Intercontinental Venezuela 2023
  81. Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Hằng Miss Intercontinental Vietnamese 2023
  82. Georgia Urmson Miss Intercontinental Wales 2023
  83. Afroditi Merentiti Miss Intercontinental Greece 2023
  84. Margaret Ngonyani Miss Intercontinental Zambia 2023
  85. Life Matunzewi Miss Intercontinental Zimbabwe 2023

About: The number of contestants who vie for the most expensive crown of all pageants every year has skyrocketed to over eighty and year after year, Miss Intercontinental continues to remind us of the glorious beauty of diversity.

The internationally-recognized Miss Intercontinental Pageant marks 2022 the 50th anniversary, which began in 1971 as concurrent tourism event on the island of Aruba. Starting as Teen Pageant, it became directly an annual event after it attracted strong television ratings following its debut in Oranjestad, Aruba. End of the 70´s the Pageant moved abroad to many other exotic places. Some past Miss Intercontinental Pageant sites include Cartagena; Colombia; Berlin; Germany; Huangshan; China; Mahe; Seychelles Islands; Minsk; Belarus and Nassau the Bahamas.

Image: Source Official Facebook: Miss Intercontinental Bao Ngoc attended the Contribution Award Ceremony 2023 as an announcer and she awarded the prize for "Young Sports Face of the Year".

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