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Check Here Who Succeeded Indira Ampiot Miss France 2023 along with Runners-up and Top 15 Winners?

Sat, Dec 16, 2023: The 103 years old, French national beauty pageant will elect The 94TH Miss France 2024 this year with 30 Contestants vying for the prestigious crown to become successor of Indira Ampiot Miss France 2023. The Grand Finale and Coronation of Miss France 2024 is set for Saturday, December 16, 2023 at the pageant venue Zénith de Dijon, Dijon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté which a 9,000 seater concert hall. Cindy Fabre and Jean-Pierre Foucault will host the final gala broadcasted LIVE by TF1 TV Network.

This year The Miss Music Box (« La boîte à musique des Miss ») is specially introduced to mesmerize the audience.

The Women Jury for the Miss France2024 election are Sylvie Tellier, the Chairperson, with Members Stéfi Celma, Adriana Karembeu, Nolwenn Leroy, Nina Metayer, Estelle Mossely and Elodie Poux.

The delegates staying at M Social Hotel Paris Opera, the 4-star hotel on Boulevard Haussmann departed on Sun, Nov 19th, 2023 for 10-day Guyana trip. The 30 Misses landed at Cayenne, the Capital of French Guiana and experienced outdoor activities, the Amazon Forest 24-Hour Stay & Walk, discovering the territory, visiting an animal shelter and cooking Guyanese dishes. The Reigning Queen Indira Ampiot Miss France 2023 and Cindy Fabre Miss France 2005, the national director Miss France accompanied them in Guyana tour and Alicia Aylies Miss France 2017 also joined.

The swimsuit shoot was done in the Guyanese sun where the candidates are seen doing Sophrology, catwalk, and general culture test along with Yoga Paddle, Art Tembé and Saint Laurent du Maroni visit.

The 96TH Miss France 2024 activities commenced on Thursday, November 16th, 2023:with official photoshoot of 30 MISS FRANCE 2024 Candidates.

The 96TH Miss France 2024 Official "L’élégance s’appelle la France" Crown Sketch revealed on Tue, Nov 14, 2023:which is being crafted by Mauboussin, the French  jewellery house since 1827. Paris Photographer Bertrand Noël has captured the beautiful pictures available at official website, and Social Media Handles. The Dress by Etienne Jeanson is seen in official portraits which also includes the beauty enhancement by Stylist Aurore Donguy, Hairstyling by SAINT ALGUE and Makeup by Sothys Paris Official. Later the Miss France 2024 is unveiled on on Nov 24th.


Eve Gilles Miss France 2024 (Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

  1. Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï 1st Runner-Up (French Guiana)
  2. Adélina Blanc 2nd Runner-Up (Provence)
  3. Jalylane Maës 3rd Runner-Up (Guadeloupe
  4. Maxime Teissier4th Runner-Up (Languedoc)
  5. Wissem Morel 5th Runner-Up (Normandy)
  6. Ravahere Silloux 6th Runner-Up (Tahiti)

TOP 15

  1. Burgundy, Luna Lacharme
  2. Centre-Val de Loire, Emmy Gisclon
  3. Corsica, Sandra Bak
  4. Côte d'Azur, Karla Bchir
  5. Île-de-France, Elena Faliez
  6. Midi-Pyrénées, Nadine Benaboud
  7. Pays de la Loire, Clémence Ménard
  8. Roussillon, Élise Aquilina

Special Award: General Culture Award Winner - Adeline Vetter (Alsace)

The LIST of 30 MISS FRANCE 2024 Contestants & All Preliminary Details

  1. Adeline Vetter, Miss Alsace - Total 12 Contestants, Crowned on Sunday September 10, 2023 at the Royal Palace Kirrwiller after she won over 11 Contestants Julie Decroix, Eva Kuenemann, Pauline Ketterer, Carla Klein, Victoria Antoni, Sarah Heitzler, Sarah Morin, Emilie Schmitt, Katia Melnichenko, Laura Arenz and Perrine Spinnhirny.
  2. Lola Turpin, Miss Aquitaine
  3. Oriane Mallet, Miss Auvergne
  4. Noémie Le Bras, Miss Brittany
  5. Luna Lacharme, Miss Burgundy
  6. Emmy Gisclon, Miss Centre-Val de Loire
  7. Noa Dutitre, Miss Champagne-Ardenne
  8. Sandra Bak, Miss Corsica
  9. Karla Bchir, Miss Côte d'Azur
  10. Sonia Coutant, Miss Franche-Comté
  11. Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï, Miss French Guiana 2023 - Total 9 Contestants, Crowned on Saturday, July 15th from 6:30pm, in Zephyr, Cayenne, won over 8 Contestants with Jade Fansonna 1st Runner-up; Sonia Mahes 2nd runner-up; Céline Salcho 3rd Runner-up; and Thaïna Antoinette 4th Runner-up, the rest of contestants are Tricia Phinéra-Horth, Alexia Leal, Kadydja Voisin, and Mélanie Mangal
  12. Jalylane Maës, Miss Guadeloupe
  13. Elena Faliez, Miss Île-de-France
  14. Maxime Teissier, Miss Languedoc
  15. Agathe Toullieu, Miss Limousin
  16. Angéline Aron-Clauss, Miss Lorraine
  17. Chléo Modestine, Miss Martinique
  18. Houdayifa Chibaco, Miss Mayotte
  19. Nadine Benaboud, Miss Midi-Pyrénées
    Total 12 Contestants, Crowned on Saturday, September 2nd at the Château de la Garrigue in Vielmur-sur-Tarn after winning over 11 Contestants Océane Reignier, Maëlise  Mommayou, Léa Gardet, Manon Danjean, Carla Pelaz, Delphine Lamourette, Satyne Gomes, Karen Traoré, Romane Calmen, Blandine Abad, and Amélie Cuvellier.
  20. Emma Grousset, Miss New Caledonia
  21. Ève Gilles, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais
  22. Wissem Morel, Miss Normandy
  23. Clémence Ménard, Miss Pays de la Loire
  24. Charlotte Cresson, Miss Picardy
  25. Lounès Texier, Miss Poitou-Charentes
  26. Adélina Blanc, Miss Provence
  27. Mélanie Odules, Miss Réunion - Total 12 Contestants, Crowned on Saturday August 26th, 2023 in Saint-Denis, Won over 11 Contestants Perrine Vilpont, Naomie Otal, Sarah Alphy, Léa Gerbandier, Caroline Bellune, Amélie Gigan, Maëva Chan-Wing-Yen, Nawel Pain, Sophie Filain, Victoria Asli-Corré, and Thaïs Pausé.
  28. Alizée Bidaut, Miss Rhône-Alpes 2023, Total 20 Contestants, Crowning on Saturday, September 23rd from 8pm in La-Roche-sur-Foron in Haute-Savoie with the theme "Time Travel".
    Won over 19 Contestants - Clémentine Cédat 1st Runner-up,  Charlotte Miralles 2nd Runner-up, Julia Grid-Costantino 3rd Runner-up, Margaux Piscetta 4th Runner-up, Margaux Bescond, Ambrine Ghedjati, Chloé Victoire, Camille Chenevas-Paule, Sabrina Nikaj, Emmy Vollat, Yolène Altobelli, Noémie Debras, Lison Devidal, Corenthine Boucher, Céleste Lambeau, Amanda Ballester, Justine Caballero, Zoé Martin and  Isis Pluta.
  29. Élise Aquilina, Miss Roussillon 2023 - Total 10 Contestants - Crowned on Saturday, August 5th starting 9pm, at the town of Barcarès, Le Lydia, won over 9 Contestants Océane Mapouno, Pauline Simmat, Emma Bossi, Louane Crépin, Juliette Gauthier, Fanny Paulhiac, Anna Maureta, Clémence Sola, and Chloé Bellot
  30. Ravahere Silloux, Miss Tahiti 2023 - Total 10 Contestants, The Crown Winner over 9 Contestants Matahii-Hoturau Taaviri, Heinarei Tama, Korail Vernaudon, Terevanui Tautu, Poeiti Yule, Anavai Cojan, Anavai Cojan, Anavai Cojan and Vaiterupe Mugnier on Friday, June 23rd starting at 6pm in the Mairie de Papeete (Papeete City Hall), at Rue des Remparts, Papeete, French Polynesia.

Image: Official Social Media Showing Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot and Alain Némarq, CEO of Mauboussin with Miss France 2024 Crown

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