Edona Bajrami Headshot

Edona Bajrami is crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2024

The Reigning Queen Arbesa Rrahmani, Miss Universe Kosovo 2023

The Miss Universe Kosovo 2024, Queen Edona Bajrami will represent her country at The 73RD Miss Universe 2024-25 Pageant in the Host Country Mexico.

Knowing The Queen in Her Own Words: Edona Bajrami @eedonabajrami, Prishtina Born Lives in New York

I am so happy for the opportunity to hold Miss status, I stand firm in the face of challenges, guided by an unwavering determination to carve my own path and make a positive impact on the world, although I live in the center of the world in New York for for me the center of my world is Prishtina where I was born and grew up, in the old cobbled streets and the vibrant culture, it is the source of the soundest memories and the deepest roots, the raging waves of the sea best explain life in Kosovo during the 90s, as a people from the ugly trials of the past we are testimony to the courageous and unstoppable spirit, the strong winds of war drove us from our homeland leading us to seek refuge in the host country of Belgium, in the heart of Europe between unknown sights and sounds of a new land, surrounded by a mosaic of cultures, colors and foreign languages.

As a 10-year-old girl I learned French and Flemish, I discovered a passion for sports, nature, love for animals, passion for cuisine, reading, in all this I have realized that true beauty exceeds the physical appearance, it is located in the depth of the soul, it is a beauty that shines from within, illuminating the world around us. My message is don’t be limited by the limits of circumstances but let’s be empowered by the infinite potential that lies within each of us… The past is the past we write the future, follow your dreams all possibilities are open, life is a journey every step we take towards our dreams brings us closer to their brilliance.