10 Crore Development work in 40 wards of Risali corporation

Asphaltization of main road will be done with high-light lights and light will illuminate
- Home Minister's imagination on the ground

Risali, 20 March 2021:
The fantasy of the Risali Municipal Corporation area being embodied by the state Home Minister and Durg Rural MLA Tamradhwaj Sahu is taking concrete form. The foundation of the development will be put together in 40 newly constructed wards in the area. In the new thinking of the Home Minister, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel stamped and the Minister of Urban Administration Department, Dr. Shiva Dahria sanctioned 10 crores. Municipal Corporation Commissioner Prakash Kumar Survey said that crores of work have been done so far in the 40 wards created after the liquidation, keeping in view the convenience of the citizens. The proposal has been approved by the Home Ministry in the form of imagination (10 crore 151 works). Which we will start by completing the formalities soon. The special thing is that in this year's budget, on the initiative of the Home Minister, the Chief Minister has announced a college and a 30-bed hospital in Risali. This work will be started after site selection.

1.25 billion asphalt
The Krishna Talkies Road, the main road of the Municipal Corporation, will be maintained soon. Currently this road has been uprooted. Citizens were constantly demanding to demarcate this route. The government has sanctioned 1.25 crore for road asphaltization.

Highmask at the checkpoint
There is a provision of street lights in 40 wards of Risali Nigam area. On the instructions of the Home Minister, a few days ago, the Additional Collector and the Corporation Commissioner had given several instructions after visiting the night to see the lighting system. The same will now be the Dudhia Roshni (Highmask Light) at half a dozen places in the Corporation area.

Where there is a Muram road, there is now a CC road
There are many roads in the corporation area where only WBM road (walled) has been there for years. The regional MLA had marked such a road during the visit. On the instructions of the minister, now the cementization road will be built there.

10 crore works to be done ward wise
Ward 1- Toilet, Ground Fencing, Ward 2- Drain, Community Building, Ward 3- CC Road, Drain Paver Block Work, Ward 4- Drain, CC Road & Community Building, Ward 5- Road, Drain, Paver Block Work, Culvert , Ward 6- Drain Community Building, Ward 7- Community Platform, Paver Block Work, Ward 8- Drain, Parking Shed, Ward 9- Paver Block Work, Ward 10- Drain, Platform Construction, Ground Leveling Ward 11- Drain, Dome Shed , Ward 12- Drain, Paver Block, Ward 13- Drain, CC Road, and Manch Ward 14- Bridge Maintenance, Drain, CC Road, Chabutra Construction, Ward 15- Platform Maintenance, Drain, Asphalt Road, Drain, Ward 16- Drain , Highmask Light, Stage Maintenance, Drain, Ward 18- Boundrywall, Paver Block, Ward 19- Sheu Construction, Road, Drain, CC Road, Ward 20- High Mask, CC Road, Drain, Ward 21- Community Building, Kala Manch, Culvert drain, ward 22- cc road, drain, garden ward 23- drain, ward 24- road construction, ward 25- paver block, ward 26- drain, building, culvert construction, garden, ward 27- cementization ward 28- CC road , Garden, drain, ward 29- paver block work, cc road, drain, ward 30- CC Road, Ward 31- Mangal Bhawan, CC Road, Drain, Ward 32- Asphalt Road, Highmask Light, Ward 33- CC Road, Highmask Light, Ward 34- CC Road, Manch Ward 35- Drain, Platform Slab, Ward 36- Drain, CC Road, Paver Block, Ward 37- CC Road, Drain, Ward 38- Road Drain, Platform, Ward 39 Drain, Community Building 40- CC Road, Garden, Platform, Paver Block Work Drain.