10,000 Free Sanshamni Vati distributed by Akhandanand College in 120 Days The Immunity Builder Ayurvedic Formula help keep safe Frontline Corona Warriors in Ahmedabad

Under "Amrita Project": Akhandanand Ayurvedic College distributed Sanshamni Vati to 10,000 Corona Warriors in 120 days in Ahmedabad
More than 500 railway yard workers safe due to restraint: Pawan Kumar
Ayurvedic treatment is playing an important role along with the treatment of allopathy in the Corona period. While the people are eagerly waiting Corona vaccine, the mantra of "Swarakshan Hitaya Sarva Jan Sukhaya" is coming true. The immune system of the people is proving to be the best way to protect them from the corona virus.

"Project Amrit" was started by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, taking care of the health of the people. Under this project, the distribution of Ayurvedic pills was carried out gradually to increase the immunity of the people.

Sanshamni Vati has been distributed to more than 20,000 people across Gujarat. In Ahmedabad city and district alone, distribution of more than 10 thousand Sanshamni Vati was carried out.

By Akhandanand Ayurvedic College in Ahmedabad 10,000 Samshamni vatis have been distributed in 120 days at various police stations, post offices, railway yards, various banks, traffic department, zoo, forensic science lab, government offices, high court, fire brigade station, SVP. and in civil hospital, in order to boost the immunity of the frontline warriors fighting the Corona epidemic.

After the distribution of Sanshamni Vati, Akhandanand College's P.G. Patients were constantly followed up by scholars. Data was stored digitally in the Amrita app created by the college with his follow-up every 15th and 9th day. A 6-day course of this restraint was decided. But some frontline warriors insisted on taking the drug even after the course was over.

It is worth mentioning here that the sore throat is very effective in boosting the immune system in the body. The Ministry of AYUSH is also likely to declare Sanshamni as a national medicine on Ayurveda Day.

Pawan Kumar, Assistant Divisional Engineer, Ahmedabad Railway Department, says that during the lockdown period, our entire staff was operating amid high risk. In the meantime we contacted Akhandanand Ayurvedic College when we came to know about the project Amrita run by the Ministry of AYUSH. A camp was organized by the college for the distribution of restraints in our yard. More than 200 of our staff have survived the Corona transition because of this 5-day course of restraint. Pawan Kumar has once again urged the Ayurvedic College to conduct restraint and health booze distribution camps. Pawan Kumar adds that restraint has played a very important role in boosting our immune system.

Effectiveness of Sanshamni Vati / Samshamani Vati / Giloy Ghan Vati / Guduchi Ghana Vati

      Consumption of restraint is effective on physical and mental health, as an immune tonic, in liver function, in digestion, fever, joint pain, jaundice. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, viral and bacterial fevers such as dengue, also Helps to get protection.