11 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Norway 2022 Crown on Aug 13 at Samfunnssalen Event & Konferanse

Result WINNER Ida Anette Hauan Miss Universe Norway 2022

Romée Riesanne Dahlen 1st Runner-up Miss Norway 2022

26 Contestant completed mandatory training at the miss school out of around 100 registrations and 11 Contestants are selected as the semi-finalist for Grand Finale on Sat, Aug 13, 2022 commencing at 18:00 PM in Samfunnssalen Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1
Miss Norway finale in Oslo on Saturday! Purchase your tickets at https://missnorway.org
Must check all contestants blog with pictures & video at the official website, use Google translation if you don't know Norwegian Language 

Current Norwegian Reigning Queens are:
Nora Emilie Nakken Miss Universe 2021 & Miss Earth Norway 2020
Amine Storrød Miss World Norway 2021, Winner of Miss World Talent 1st Runner-up and TOP 10 Miss World Sport
Henriette J. Hauge Miss International Norway 2019 Winner TOP 15 Best Swimsuit
Madeline Denice Olsen Miss Earth Norway 2021
Ina Kollset Miss Supranational Norway 2021

Event Details:

Venue: Samfunnssalen Event & Konferanse / Samfunnssalen Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1 Oslo 0181

Date & Time Schedule: Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 18:00 PM / Registration deadline: Aug, 12, 2022 till 18:00

Tickets: URL https://www.deltager.no/event/miss_norway_finale_13_august_2022_13082022#init, General Price NOK 595 per person for Seat & A glass of sparkling wine (or non-alcoholic alternative)
VIP Premium Price NOK 1090 per person - Seating around a table, with a short distance to the stage
- A glass of sparkling wine (or non-alcoholic alternative)
- Tapas plate (with serrano ham, truffle salami, Manchego, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, aioli and focaccia) / Tapastallerken (m/serranoskinke, trøffelsalami, Manchego, oliven, soltørkede tomater, aioli og focaccia)

Online Vote: SMS Vote URL https://missnorway.org/sms/rang.php#
Vote for the finalists! Price NOK NOK 20 per SMS. You can see the password by pointing to the picture of your favorite. Voting started on 23 May and will continue until the final.

TV Broadcast & LIVE Streams:

Entertainer: Cotton Eye Joe Show


Svetlana Jouini
Svetlana Jouini has a long background as a hair and make-up stylist. She has won several Norwegian and international competitions, as well as being European and world champion. This year she becomes Art Director of Intercoiffure Norway and once again gets the opportunity to represent Norway internationally.

Fred Hamelton
Fred Hamelten is the man behind the Norwegian eyebrow revolution, which turned eyebrows from an additional service into a separate specialty in beauty treatments. He has been named one of the world's ten best beauticians by Costume magazine, and is referred to as an eyebrow magician, eyebrow guru and eyebrow king.

Lynn Nguyen
Linn Nguyen has close to twenty years of experience in the beauty industry. For many years she has run a salon, performed skin care and permanent make-up, as well as taught dermatology. Her latest major venture is the online store Utseende.no, which focuses on K-beauty, revolutionary Korean skin care that has become extremely popular in Norway in a short time.
Utseende.no has now become one of Norway's largest in this genre and she will continue to stand up for good skin care to be easily accessible to everyone.

Kaja Caroline Kojan
Kaja Caroline Kojan won Miss Universe Norway in 2017. With a ten-year background as a lash stylist, model and actress, she knows very well how the industry works, and not least what is needed to be sufficiently prepared for the international competitions. As a trained project manager, she is active in various projects alongside her entrepreneurial career in the tech company Yesboss - Norway's rawest freelance platform.

Aksel Jahre Mustaparta
Has been in the hairdressing industry for 17 years, first as a hairdressing supplier and most recently as a founder of barbershops. He is a creative soul, with many concepts behind him.

Crowning By: Nora Emilie Nakken Miss Universe 2021 & Miss Earth Norway 2020 and others


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  1. Charlotte Bøhn-Bore
  2. Helen Chanel Stubberud
  3. Ida Anette hauan
  4. Ida Sofie Skinlo Sæter
  5. Iris Eskic
  6. Julie Dahlen Børresen
  7. Leni Kvalvåg
  8. Rebecca Yuchen Hua
  9. Romée Riesanne Dahlen
  10. Sarvi Latifi
  11. Vilde Padøy