Now LIVE: 12 Contestants Vying for Miss World Gibraltar 2022 Crown at Alameda Open-Air Theatre on Sept 17th

Result WINNER: Faith Torres Miss World Gibraltar 2022

Jaylynn Cruz 1st Runner-up
Michelle Lopez Desoisa 2nd Runner-up
People's Choice and Miss Elegance Awards WINNER: Faith Torres

Reigning Queen Janice Sampere Miss World Gibraltar 2021 will crown the winner today on Sat, Sep 17, 2022 at the end of Grand Finale commencing LIVE at 9:30 PM

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The Online Voting to Support Your Favorite Miss World Gibraltar 2022 Contestants is LIVE via Gibtelecom Call @ £1 for People’s Choice Award

VOTING HAS NOW OPENED! You can now register your votes for your favourite Miss Gibraltar 2022 contestant for the People’s Choice Award!


Check 12 Contestants Vying for Miss World Gibraltar 2022 Crown

  1. Mia Peach Sponsored by Xtreme Innovations LTD
  2. Skyanne Pratts Sponsored by
  3. Shyanne Mcintosh Sponsored by Bassadone Automotive Group
  4. Katherine Hahn Sponsored by The Luxury Hire
  5. Jaylynn Cruz Sponsored by Capurro Insurance
  6. Celine Mor Sponsored by Green Arc
  7. Sabrina Wahnon Sponsored by Fit 4 Life
  8. Sarah Cruz Sponsored by La Tapilla Sixtina
  9. Rebecca Davis Sponsored by Simply Beauty
  10. Faith Torres Sponsored by Mayfair On Main
  11. Zuleima Molina Sponsored by NailcreationsTDR
  12. Michelle Lopez Desoisa Sponsored by St Theresa’s Nursery

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