13 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 Crown in M Resort & Hotel on Oct 7 at 8PM

Results WINNER: Lesley Cheam Miss Universe Malaysia 2022

Ajunee Simreet Kaur Khangura 1st Runner–Up Miss Universe Malaysia 2022
Tee Wan Ying 2nd Runner–Up Miss Universe Malaysia 2022

Top 8

Catherine Lai Hui Yi
Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah
Joann Tiong Hau Ping
Kaverrna Nair Sukumaran
Wong Siu Jane

Special Award Winners

Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah Miss Congeniality
Wong Siu Jane Miss La Jung Glorious
Tee Wan Ying Miss Body Beautiful
Ajunee Simreet Kaur Khangura Miss Habib
Ajunee Simreet Kaur Khangura Miss Glojas Glowing Beauty
Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah Miss Good Hair Day
Wong Siu Jane Miss M Resort
Lesley Cheam Wei Yeng Miss Radiant Confidence
Catherine Lai Hui Yi Miss Dermalogica Healthy Skin
Lesley Cheam Wei Yeng Miss Schwarzkopf Most Beautiful Hair

2020 Miss Universe Malaysia Francisca Luhong James will crown her successor in the Gala Night in M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur today on Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at the end of Grand Finale commencing from 8:00 PM
Initially 15 Finalists Announced but Only Top 13 Contestants are seen in The Official List, while Kasshvini Mathuraiveran and Chantal Yuen Ting are missing
Miss Universe Malaysia 2021 couldn’t be organized due COVID-19 situation and Malaysia withdrawn from The 70th Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat, Israel on Dec 13th / Dec 12th USA Night.
Francisca Luhong Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 was crowned in e-Gala Livestreamed Online on Sat, Sep 5, 2022 by Shwetajeet Kaur Sekhon aka Shweta Sekhon Miss Universe Malaysia 2019

Fri, Sep 7, 2022: New York, USA & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The is Universe Malaysia 2022 competition started with 2-day National Auditions at MyEG Tower, Level 43A on Sat, 5th and Sun, 6th, March 2022 and 15 Contestants Announced as Finalists on Tue, Mar 29, 2022 in closed door event in presence of official partners & sponsors, members of the media and beauty pageant community. MUM22 Finalists faced extensive process to polish and show their skill coupled with The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 Webisodes, all available in Official Youtube Channel @ URL www.youtube.com/MissUniverseMsiaOrg, can be accessed online any time anywhere all over world world!!!
Here is the title of all 12 Webisodes:
Episode 12 Vogue Lounge
Episode 11 Habib Raya Event
Episode 10 Elpis Models
Episode 9 FIRE Fit
Episode 8 Wax Candy
Episode 7 Fish Bowl Challenge
Episode 6 A good hair day gets better
Episode 5 A queen's professional haircare
Episode 4 A great skin starts here
Episode 3 Your hair is your crown
Episode 2 Miracles with makeup
Episode 1 The journey begins

The Official Judges to elect Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 crown holder are Kenny Yee Founder of Make Up Miracle & Beauty Workshop, Datin Selwin Kaur Chief Executive Officer of Glojas, Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian fashion designer, Don Teo Director of Operations, M Resort and Hotel, Andrea Wong Creative director and fashion stylist, Dr. Karen Po Medical Director of La Jung, and Shweta Sekhon Miss Universe Malaysia 2019.


Check 15 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Malaysia 2022 Crown

  1. Ajunee Simreet Kaur Khangura @ajuneekaur
  2. Wong Siu Jane @siujane_wong
  3. Buganna S. Saravana Kumar @dietitian.buganna
  4. Lesley Cheam Wei Yeng @lesleycwyyy
  5. Joann Tiong Hau Ping @joanntiong_18
  6. Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah @ashasjeremiah
  7. Thevambbikai G.K. Kasinathan @theva_ambigai
  8. Clarissa Tay Wei Qi @clarissatayy
  9. Kaverrna Nair Sukumaran @kaverrnanana
  10. Catherine Lai Hui Yi @mskatelai
  11. Jingle Phan Jing Mun @jm_jingle
  12. Tee Wan Ying @tee_ying
  13. Varyne Foo Augustine @varyneee
  14. Kasshvini Mathuraiveran
  15. Chantal Yuen Ting