Enjoy LIVE 14 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Paraguay 2022 and 3 More Crowns

Results WINNER: Lele Ashmore Miss Universe Paraguay 2022

Results WINNER: Dahiana Benitez Gatzke Miss World Paraguay 2022

Results WINNER: Jazmín de la Sierra Miss International Paraguay 2022

Results WINNER: Macarena Tomas Miss Earth Paraguay 2022

Guairá's Nadia Ferrera 1st Runner-up Miss Universe 2021 is all set to crown her successor on Friday, August 26, 2022 at 10:00 PM in Paseo La Galería, Shopping mall in Asunción, Paraguay, the winner in 14 Contestants also vying for LIVE at CANAL TRECE TV along with Bethania Borba Miss Mundo Paraguay 2021 crowning Miss World Paraguay 2022, Ariane Maciel Miss Internacional Paraguay 2021 crowning Miss International Paraguay 2022 and Evelyn Andrade Miss Tierra Paraguay 2021 crowning Miss Earth Paraguay 2022

Judges are @vivianbenitezb @yaninagonzalezoficial @albariquelme @carlosmburro @abdalaoviedo @rodrigofernandezpy @puppa.careaga @drmargraf @sileniaabdala y Mario López.

Toto González and Luchi García Rubín are hosts of Grand Finale!

Online People's Choice Voting is Live at the official website www.reinasdelparaguay.com.py, just reach to the end and select your favorite contestant to vote.


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Carsten Pfau and Ariela Machado are the new owners of the Miss Universe Paraguay franchise.
Carsten is a German businessman and director of several companies such as Ecovita, Granja Direct, Agriterra, among others.
Ariela Machado is former Miss Universe Paraguay 2017 and director of several of the group's companies.
Together they decided to acquire the franchise and add it to their brand platform to improve management.


This is how we live the big reveal of our Queens
And we are about to embark on this path where each will show their most authentic side.
Different personalities & goals but all with one thing in common: to positively impact the world.
We hope you can get to know each of them more closely in our DOCUREALITY starting July 17 on Channel 13 at 5 pm every Sunday.
Are you ready?

Check 14 Contestants Vying for 4 Crowns, Miss Universe Paraguay 2022 including Miss World Paraguay 2022, Miss International Paraguay 2022 and Miss Earth Paraguay 2022

  1. Elicena Andrada
  2. Leah Ashmore
  3. Julieta Cabrera
  4. Michelle Chase
  5. Jazmín de la Sierra
  6. Sofía Espínola
  7. Dahiana Gatzke
  8. Yanina Gómez
  9. Maelia Salcines
  10. Nahee Lee
  11. Sasha Monti
  12. Alejandra Sens
  13. Macarena Tomas
  14. Laurent Villar