18,000 Raipurians Get Food Supply by Raipur Municipal Corporation, RMC Online Food Helpline Number  0771 4055574

Food supply cell of Municipal Corporation delivers food to 18 thousand people
4 thousand families got free ration with the help of voluntary organizations
RMC Online Food Helpline Number  0771 - 4055574

        Raipur, 29 March 2020 Raipur Municipal Corporation has so far delivered food to 18,000 people through a food supply cell launched to help people during the lockdown implemented to prevent corona virus (Kovid-19). Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the food distribution scheme in his residence office last evening.

       So far, about 4 thousand families have been provided free ration materials with the help of voluntary organizations. So far, 9 thousand people have been served food through telephone number 0771-4055574 of the food supply cell started in Raipur district, for which members of three social organizations are delivering their services daily to the homes by offering their services in lanes. Under the guidance of Raipur district administration, more than 100 voluntary organizations are distributing food and ration to the citizens and 2000 workers are actively engaged in this task. Apart from this, two social organizations are working for fodder and medical facility of animals and birds. Four social organizations are also arranging for self-help for sanitation workers and other field staff engaged in cleanliness work.

          It is worth noting that during the ongoing lockdown under the prevention and control of Kovid 19, Raipur Municipal Corporation has started a humanitarian initiative to provide free food grains to thirty thousand needy families of Raipur urban area. The system of providing rice, pulses, oil, spices and other food items free of cost to families in need by the Municipal Corporation in the prescribed quantity has been started on the initiative of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel.

      Under this initiative launched by the Municipal Corporation Raipur, distributed rice, pulses, oil, spices, potatoes, flour, milk packets, masks, soaps etc. to every needy families to all daily wage laborers residing in Raipur and families without ration cards. being done.