183 Rajasthani migrant students from Tajikistan reached Jaipur

Over 3 thousand migrant Rajasthanis have come to Jaipur from around 22 flights so far: ACS, Industry

Jaipur, 6 June 2020. On Saturday, 183 children arrived in Jaipur from Tajikistan in a flight to Jaipur. After the thermal scanning at the airport, medical checkup by the team of doctors, after immigration all the migrant Rajasthani students were sent for institutional quarantine.

Additional Chief Secretary, Industries Department, Dr. Subodh Aggarwal informed that more than 3075 migrant Rajasthanis have reached Jaipur from around 22 flights so far in the state.

Arrived at Jaipur Airport from Tajikistan at 4.45 pm on Saturday, migrant Rajasthani students studying medical there have reached Jaipur.

He informed that the state government has made all arrangements from arrival at the airport to institutional quarantine.

The team of senior officers, doctors and others at the airport are not being allowed any inconvenience due to the migrant Rajasthanis visiting the airport due to necessary arrangements.

All the arrangements at the airport are being supervised by the team of doctors, district administration and police administration officials at the airport.

As soon as the flight arrives, 20 in turn sanitize, thermal scanning at the kiosk and health check-up by the team of doctors, then institutional quarantine at three counters, after immigration and other formalities, buses are sent to the quarantine hotel is.

Arogya Setu and Rajkovid app are compulsorily downloaded on the mobile phones of all expatriates at the airport, while tea, coffee, drinking water, biscuits, etc. are available free of cost to all the expatriates at the airport.

Information is being provided by the airport administration through the film and the stipends.

Dr. Subodh Aggarwal informed that all the 183 students coming from the flight have been placed on a seven-day institutional quarantine.

According to ICMR guidelines on the 7th day of institutional quarantine, self-monitoring of the entire batch for the next seven days if no person is found to have symptoms of Covid infection in the investigation conducted by the Chief Medical Health Officer of the district concerned at the quarantine center, will be sent to live in the self quarantine at one's own home.

An RT-PR test will be done if a person is found to have symptoms of Covid and all the people of that batch will be kept at the Institutional Quarantine Center till their report. When the report comes negative, the entire team will be allowed to quarantine themselves at home under the supervision of the next seven days.

 Dr. Subodh Aggarwal said that on coming to the report positive, RT-PCR examination of all the people of that team, who are found positive, will be admitted to the dedicated Kovid Health Center and the remaining persons will be sent for quarantine at home. In case of symptoms of Kovid infection during confinement at home, it is mandatory to inform the District Vigilance Officer or State level call center.