19 Delegates in Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen 2022 at Vicksburg City Auditorium, Check Results Here

Pine Belt's Cameron Davis is CRWONED Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2022. Her Social Impact Initiative is Building Community Through Giving while the Talent at MaoTeenMS is Dance and lives with ​Ambition to become Clinical Psychologist

Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Competition 2022 is currently held today on Sun, April 24, 2022 at Vicksburg City Auditorium located at Address: 901 Monroe St, Vicksburg, MS 39183.

Nineteen Talented Teens of Mississippi State are showing their amazing talent in various round

At the end of Grand Finale Reigning Queen Tori Johnston Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2021 will crown her successor who wins the competition

Check Results Here: Grand Finale Winners:

Winner: Cameron Davis Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2022

Special Awards Winners

Teen in Action Winner Madison McCarter Miss Deep South Outstanding Teen
Mississippi Choice Winner Mia Holmes Miss Hattiesburg Outstanding Teen
Social Media & Salute Page Saler Winner Grace Travis Miss Jones County’s Outstanding Teen

TOP 10 Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2022

  1. Sara Peyton Edwards ​Barnes Crossing
  2. Nataleigh Nix
  3. D'Ambrah Watts
  4. Brooke Bumgarner
  5. Cameron Davis, Pine Belt
  6. Madison McCarter
  7. Gracie Weeden
  8. Grace Travis
  9. Karly Henderson
  10. Anna Kate Ratcliffe

Prelim 2 Winners:
Miss Leaf River Valley’s Outstanding Teen Karly Henderson Evening gown/OSQ Winner
Miss Pine Belt’s Outstanding Teen, Cameron Davis Talent Winner



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Prelim 1 Winners
Miss Deep South’s Outstanding Teen, Madison McCarter Talent Winner
Miss Delta’s Outstanding Teen, Brooke Bumgarner Evening gown/OSQ Winner

List of Delegates at Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Competition 2022

  1. All America City's Eva Turnipseed
    Social Impact Initiative: Every Paw Needs a Home
    Talent: Dance
    Ambition: Veterinarian 
  2. ​Barnes Crossing's Sara Peyton Edwards
    Social Impact Initiative: Purses for PCOS
    Talent: Piano
    ​Ambition: Orthodontist
  3. Deep South's Madison McCarter
    Social Impact Initiative: Paying It Forward: It Starts in Your Community
    Talent: Vocal
    Ambition: Performing Artist
  4. Delta's Brooke Bumgarner
    Social Impact Initiative: Bullying Prevention and Character Education
    Talent: Vocal
    Ambition: Author
  5. Delta Crossroads' Nataleigh Nix
    Social Impact Initiative: Acts of Kindness (AOK)
    Talent: Vocal
    Ambition: Psychiatrist
  6. Fairpark's Kennedy Tedford
    Social Impact Initiative: Spreading Kindness and Awareness
    Talent: Dance
    Ambition: Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist
  7. Golden Triangle's Katelyn Trotter
    Social Impact Initiative: Eating Disorder Awareness
    Talent: Vocal
    Ambition: Oncology
  8. Greenville's Beth Chow
    Social Impact Initiative: Dresses of Hope
    Talent: Comedy
    Ambition: Physical Therapist
  9. Hattiesburg's Mia Holmes
    Social Impact Initiative: RISE UP: Raising Internet Safety & Education Using Peers
    Talent: Vocal/Instrumental
    Ambition: Surgeon
  10. Jones County's Grace Travis
    Social Impact Initiative: Celebrating Dyslexia's Differences
    Talent: Theatrical Performance
    ​Ambition: Broadway Performer
  11. Leaf River Valley's Karly Henderson
    Social Impact Initiative: Cheering for Volunteering
    Talent: Dance
    ​Ambition: Family Dentist
  12. Lee County's D'Ambrah Watts
    Social Impact Initiative: Understand Beforehand
    Talent: Dance
    Ambition: Neonatal Nurse
  13. Natchez Trace's Kasi Culver
    Social Impact Initiative: Teen Social Anxieties: It's OK to Not Be OK
    Talent: Vocal 
    Ambition: Physician
  14. Pine Belt's Cameron Davis
    Social Impact Initiative: Building Community Through Giving
    Talent: Dance
    ​Ambition: Clinical Psychologist
  15. Red Hills' Gracie Weeden
    Social Impact Initiative: Fireflies in the Dark
    Talent: Lyrical Dance
    Ambition: Optometrist
  16. Riverbend's Anna Kate Ratcliffe
    Social Impact Initiative: Our Military Kids
    Talent: Piano
    Ambition: Graphic Designer/Business Owner
  17. Southern Magnolia's Andee Rogers
    Social Impact Initiative: Helping Children and Teens Overcome Fear and Anxiety
    Talent: Dance
    Ambition: Third Grade Math Teacher
  18. Southern Oaks' Ava Randle
    Social Impact Initiative: Kicking Out Cancer
    Talent: Dance
    Ambition: Math Teacher
  19. Tupelo's Gracie Mae Hendrix
    Social Impact Initiative: Speak Up for Speech
    Talent: Clogging
    Ambition: Pediatric Doctor

Tori Johnston Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2021 has made very elaborate comment on her reign


Wow. What an honor it is to be standing here. I think the first word that comes to mind when I think of everything this year has brought me is gratitude. Gratitude for the best friends I met in my Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen classes and for my Miss America Class, gratitude for a board who helped my become my best self for MAOTeen, gratitude for the life changing scholarships this organization brings. This time last year, the trajectory of my life changed with this crown. Having received $9700 of scholarship money from the Miss Mississippi Corporation, $1500 from the Miss Americas Outstanding Teen Scholarship Competition, as well as the Presidential Scholarship to the University of Alabama, I was able to attend school this year completely debt free. What a blessing! Being a part of the MAOTeen family immediately gave me a community when I got to college, as there are many girls who attend Bama from the sisterhood due to their generous scholarship. I have no doubt that without the skills gained through these past years and the immediate credibility I that this title gave me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

There’s too many people to thank, as most of you know from sitting through my 10 minute thank you speech, but to name a few,

1. Mr. Winky and Mrs. Debbie, thank you for being the best mentors and director over this past year. Mr. winky, seeing your daily devotional in my email inbox every day always made me feel so loved. Your entire family has made me feel so cared for.

5. Miss Mississippi Corporation board and volunteers, thank you for being the hands and feet of this organization and supporting me throughout this year. Some of you even flew all the way to Orlando to support me at Miss Americas Outstanding Teen. That meant more to me than you’ll ever know

9. Miss Mississippi 2021, Holly Brand, as many of you know, holly and I have been friends since we were 8. To have her as my Miss this year was so special! I wouldn’t have traded our time together for anything. She’s been a role model for me since I was 8, but especially watching her in the role of Miss Mississippi has been meaningful. I love you holly!

Reaction from Holly Brand Miss Mississippi 2022 just in show time, addressed to Tori Johnston Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2021


Before we crown a new teen, I have to give one last shoutout to my teenie queenie, @_torijohnston_ !! Tori, I am so happy that we shared this year together. From singing at the Mississippi State Fair as kids to the Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen stages, we have experienced so much together. I am so thankful for our bond and blessed to call you sister! I can’t wait to see all that you will accomplish in your very bright future. Love you, Miss Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen 2021!