2 Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store Scheme Shops in Raipur

Netaji Subhash Stadium premises and Amlidih in front of the office of Zone number 10 of Municipal Corporation Raipur Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store Scheme Shops

Raipur, 20 October 2021: 84 generic medical stores were launched in the state today under the Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store scheme by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Out of these, two medical stars were launched in the capital Raipur. In Raipur, a medical store has started in Netaji Subhash Stadium premises in shop number 2 and another medical store in Amlidih in front of the office of Zone number 10 of Municipal Corporation Raipur. Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur Mr. Ejaz Dhebar and Collector Raipur Mr. Saurabh Kumar were also present on the occasion of inauguration of Generic Medical Store of Subhash Stadium.

Crowd of customers started on the first day itself for cheap medicines

People got relief from Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store scheme

People said - this scheme is a boon for the poor in the midst of costly healthcare

Ms. Meena Anguria got a savings of Rs. 2500 in the purchase of medicine

The 84 Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Stores, started by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in the state, were crowded throughout the day to get cheap generic medicines. On the very first day of inauguration, the medical store located at Nutan Chowk in Bilaspur also got a good response from the people. Medical stores were started under the scheme at 04 places in the district.

These include shops in Nutan Chowk, District Hospital, Takhatpur and Ratanpur Municipality.
The first customer of Nutan Chowk Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store, Ms. Meena Anguria, is a BP and high cholesterol patient. Ms. Anguria said that she buys medicines worth Rs. 3700 per month. Today, in this medical store, he got these medicines for Rs 1200. They have saved Rs 2500 by buying medicines here. Expressing gratitude to the Chief Minister for this scheme, he said that in the era of costly healthcare, this scheme has been a boon for the poor like us.

Similarly, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Tiwari told that his wife Mrs. Geeta Tiwari is a cancer patient. Every month 8-10 thousand are spent on their medicines. Today he got medicine worth Rs.1460 in this medical store for Rs.351. He thanked Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for starting this scheme.

Mr. Vidhi Narayan Patel, a resident of Bandhwapara told that he takes BP medicine every month. Now they will buy medicines from this medical store itself. He said that the plan was awaited for a long time. He said that efforts are being made by the Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel to provide better health facilities to the poor people with utmost sensitivity.

Shri Dharmendra, a resident of Ashok Nagar got medicine worth Rs.305 for Rs.128. Similarly, Mr. Abhishek Kashyap got medicine worth Rs. 237 for Rs. 83. Shri Madan Sharma said that people will get a lot of relief by starting this shop in the middle of the city.

He told that he buys medicines worth Rs 1000 per month. Now they will get this medicine at a discounted rate from the generic medical store.

Similarly, Shri Nandkishore Pandey also thanked the state government for this scheme.