22 Contestant in Miss World Panama 2022: Check Vote, Tickets Online and Event Details

Kathleen Pérez Coffre is CRWONED Miss World Panama 2022

New Panamian Beauty Queen to take the crown for officially representing Miss World as successor to Krysthelle Barretto Miss World Panama 2021 at the end of Grand Finale at Teatro Balboa on Sun, April 24, 2022
The Twenty-two official finalist contestants were announced on Thursday, February 17, 2022 in Miss World Panama 2022 Presentation Gala at the Pacific Theater, where strict biosecurity measures were enforced
Ana Lucia Tejeira is the Judge / Jury of the Election Gala and Coronation of Miss World Panama / Miss Mundo Panama 2022

Wed, April 20, 2022, Hollywood, California and Panama City, Panamá: For the Benefit of the World Nation Republic of Panama is all set to crown new beauty queen to represent at the Miss World 2022. Panama population is nearly 4.38 Million and it is official known for abundance of fish, trees and butterflies, the officially accepted origin of the name Panamá. Selection of Panamanian Beauty for making the list of 22 semi-finalists was a prolonged process over 5 months time at the Pacific Theater (Teatro Pacific located at Address: C. Ramon H. Jurado, Panamá, Panama) on Thurs, Feb 17, 2022. At present Miss World Panama has no website and all official activities are updates at Instagram handle @missmundopa / www.instagram.com/missmundopa with lot of pictures and videos.
As per latest announcement 6 Contestants are selected to compete 2 scholarships awarded to study English abroad, by IFARHU, Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources.

List of Official 6 Contestants for 2 IFARHU Special Awards

  1. Panama West’s Ana Cristina Caballero, Insta @sember_97
  2. Ribera del Canal’s Iveth Cortéz, Insta @imcs_31
  3. Pacific Islands’s Stephanie Mosquera, Insta @stephaniepauleth
  4. Panama East’s Hazel Quinn, Insta @hazelynnwow
  5. Comarcas’s Gelen Clara, Insta @gelenclara
  6. Chiriquí’s Yenifer Vega, Insta @yenifervega15

Krysthelle Barretto Reichlin aka Krysthelle Barretto Miss World Panama 2021 is Ambassador of Culture and Tourism of Panama, Owner and Marketing Director of Coffee Capsule Company, Professional model, Content Creator & Fashion Stylist, updates at Instagram @krystylos and loves mind games like Chess and Scrabble.
Nex TV made week-long series broadcast showing live the five finalists directly exposed their introductory bio along with experience with the audience. The TOP 5 Miss World Panama were announced LIVE and contestants also learned about their selection in NexTV. 2019 Miss World Panama Agustina Ruiz Arrechea crowned her successor Krysthelle Barretto Miss World Panama 2020, at NexTV’s Mujer Morning Show on Fri, Oct 9, 2020, a Pandemic Driven Format introduced by Official Organization. Due to pandemic continues as 2021 Miss World Panama Krysthelle Barretto competed at Miss World 2021 at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, San Juan, Purto Rico on Wed, March 16, 2022 watched live all over world.

Note Miss World Panama 2022 Event Details

Venue: Teatro Balboa in Panama City aka Balboa Theater located at Address: Av. Arnulfo Arias Madrid, Panamá, Panama
Schedule: Grand Finale on Sun, April 24, 2022 at 5 PM
Tickets: Sale Points - Panama Esthetic Center (for those who wish to pay by credit card)
- Directly from any of 22 official candidates
- Official Instagram @missmundopa / www.instagram.com/missmundopa, Just make a DM
Tickets Price: Special price Platea $35.00 (regularly $60)
Grandstands $15.00 (regularly $30)
Special Attraction:  Two IFARHU Scholarships Award
Sponsors: IFARHU Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources, A Government Organization @ www.ifarhu.gob.pa and Ministry of Culture, Panama Government, directed by President Laurentino Cortiz (Full Name Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo Cohen) @ www.micultura.gob.pa


List of Contestants Miss World Panama 2022

  1. Bocas del Toro’s Kathleen Pérez Coffre, Insta @coffr3
  2. Chiriquí’s Yenifer Vega, Insta @yenifervega15
  3. Chiriqui West’s Patricia Mejía, Insta @patmejia.care
  4. Coclé’s Eileen Paterson, Insta @edcpb_16
  5. Colón’s Chelsea Bailey, Insta @chelsearbe
  6. Comarcas’s Gelen Clara, Insta @gelenclara
  7. Costa Sur’s Tanisha Ledezma, Insta @theamazingtany
  8. Darien’s Angie Paz, Insta @theangiepaz
  9. Herrera’s Melodie Johnson, Insta @mcjr0425
  10. Caribbean Islands’s Diana Álvarez, Insta @g.diana.12
  11. Pacific Islands’s Stephanie Mosquera, Insta @stephaniepauleth
  12. Los Santos’s Nadia Borrero, Insta @nadiasborrero
  13. Panama Center’s Emily Castro, Insta @emilymarie.999
  14. Panama East’s Hazelynn aka Hazel Quinn, Insta @hazelynnwow
  15. Panama North’s Joesy Villarreal, Insta @jjvg08
  16. Panama West’s Ana Cristina Caballero, Insta @sember_97
  17. Penonomé’s Diana Martínez, Insta @dianitaisabel14
  18. Ribera del Canal’s Iveth Cortéz, Insta @imcs_31
  19. Santa Catalina’s Marjorie Diaz, Insta @marjoriediazov
  20. Santa Clara’s Michelle Cuevas, Insta @michelleanayansis
  21. Taboga’s Anyelid Herazo, Insta @anyelid.herazo
  22. Veraguas’s Loana Diaz, Insta @ladr2110