241 migrant laborers received wages of more than Rs 11 lakh

MNREGA becomes a support for migrant workers: 241 migrant laborers received wages of more than Rs 11 lakh

Raipur, 17 February 2021

Since its inception, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme has been a means of providing additional employment to the needy villagers in unseasonable weather. Due to this, construction of public utility public assets in rural areas has made facilities accessible to the villagers on the one hand, and on the other hand, the amount received as wages through this scheme has made the living of the needy villagers easier. The MNREGA proved to be a boon for migrant workers who returned home due to the closure of livelihood during the lockdown period during the Kovid-19 Corona infection epidemic. According to the instructions of the Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the workers returning to Chhattisgarh state were given work cards in the village itself, along with the MNREGA job card. During the lockdown period, Chhattisgarh was the leading state in the country in providing employment to the needy villagers and migrant workers. Lockdown period In the month of April-May, the state of Chhattisgarh had achieved remarkable achievement in terms of providing employment to more than 25 thousand needy villagers daily. In Dhamtari district, 241 workers returned from various provinces of the country due to lockdown, got full work under MNREGA in their village itself. These migrant laborers earned wages of 11 lakh 2 thousand 384 rupees through 5802 man days, which became a support for their family's livelihood during the Corona transition.

In Dhamtari block, 16 migrant workers worked 412 days in works conducted under MGNREGA, 78 thousand 280 rupees, 47 migrant laborers of Kurud development block worked 586 days, one lakh 11 thousand 340 rupees, 16 migrant laborers of Magarlod block, 268 days 50 thousand 920 rupees through employment and 162 workers of urban development block 4536 days and earned wages of 8 lakh 61 thousand 844 rupees. Migrant workers carried out pond deepening, plantation work, mud muroom road, drain cleaning, dharsa road construction, mini stadium, mixed plantation work, cattle shed construction, paddy platform construction, Nirmala Ghat and Dabri construction etc. under MNREGA.

Mr. Lekharam, a migrant laborer of Gram Panchayat Semra (B) of Dhamtari development block, told that at the time of lockdown, he had gone to the building work in Farsabuda, Odisha province. During the lockdown, he returned to his village and applied for employment in the Gram Panchayat. He told that he worked 81 days in pond deepening, road construction and digging, in return for which he got wages of Rs 15 thousand 390, which became a support for the family's livelihood in times of crisis.

Similarly, Rajkumar, resident of village panchayat Bhothapara of Naga Vikas block, 65 days, Krishna of Jaitpuri 60 days, Takeshwar Kumar Sahu of Sankra 56 days, Bhagirathi 56 days of Kumhada, Shailandri Netam of Koliyari 56 days, Devaki Bai of Belarbahra 56 Kamleshwar Kumar of Day and Jabra worked for 55 days and succeeded in living up to his family.

Shri Roop Singh Netam, a resident of Jhunjhraksa, Gram Panchayat of Nagari block, told that he was working in organic fertilizer manufacturing company in district Janjgir Champa for the last 01 year. He returned to his village on 22 March 2020 when the corona virus Kovid-19 took off across India. Under MNREGA, he was given the job of mate and earned 5 thousand 130 rupees in lieu of wages.

Jhunjhrakasa Sarpanch Smt. Kaleshwari Markam told that in view of Corona virus Kovid-19, the villagers were given work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the village itself, following the social distancing.