500 Bigha Undisputed Land Ownership Transfer to Rajasthan University

University of Rajasthan, including Commerce, Maharani and Maharaja Colleges
Transfer of non-disputed land will be registered in the name of the university

Jaipur, June 18, 2021. The conversion of about 500 bighas of land including the land of Rajasthan College, Maharani College, Commerce College, Maharaja College owned by Rajasthan University will be registered in the name of Rajasthan University. On the instructions of District Collector Antar Singh Nehra, in a meeting chaired by Additional District Collector Shri Iqbal Khan on Friday, the concerned officers have been given time till June 30 for this.

In the meeting, apart from this land, it was directed to take action to convert such land owned by the university in favor of the university, which is registered in the revenue record in the name of forest department or JDA but is in the possession of the university. Additional District Collector Mr Khan gave instructions in this regard to the Forest Department, JDA, Tehsidar Sanganer and Jaipur, SDM Sanganer and other concerned officers in the meeting.

On behalf of the University, Registrar, Shri KM Duria and Adviser, Rajasthan University Dr. Girwar Singh presented the side of the University. Mr. Khan directed the Tehsildars of Jaipur and Sanganer that the transfer of land belonging to the University, which is not in dispute or encroachment, should be opened in the favor of the University in the month of June itself as per the orders given earlier.

In relation to the land mentioned in the revenue records in the name of Forest Department and JDA, Mr. Khan discussed with the DFO of the Forest Department and the Deputy Commissioner of the Zone and gave instructions for verification of the land. The Tehsildars of the concerned tehsil were also directed that if there is any doubt in the knowledge of the boundary of the land on the spot, the actual situation should be ascertained by contacting the Land Management Department.

Mr Khan said that many years back also, Rajasthan University had applied in this regard. Dr. RB Singh, retired professor of Geography Department of Rajasthan University, had met the then Divisional Commissioner Dr. Samit Sharma and District Collector Mr. Antar Singh Nehra regarding this matter for some time. On this, Shri Nehra had directed the officials to collect factual information and take action to register the transfer of land belonging to the University in order to register the name of the University.

Present Situation of Rajasthan University Land

At present the total land under the possession of Rajasthan University and affiliated colleges is 204.33 hectares. Its measurement in Bigha is about 817 Bigha 08 Biswa. Out of this land 323 bigha 07 Biswa land has been renamed in the name of Rajasthan University. This part of the land belongs to the main campus of the university. But even after many years, till now 494 Bigha 01 Biswa i.e. 123.5 hectare land has not been registered in the name of Rajasthan University. This land is presently located in Revenue Village Mahadevpura, Chakbhavani Shankarpura Tehsil Jaipur and Village Jhalana Dungri, Tehsil Sanganer. This land is in Sivachak, Forest Department, JDA, PWD and Partial Khedari. It also includes 153 bigha 7 biswa land of Rajasthan College and Commerce College, 83 bigha 4 biswa land of Maharaja College and Maharani College.