53 clusters of Gram Panchayats set up for Corona Surveillance in Ambikapur rural areas

The cluster in-charge will keep a close watch on the village's activities

Ambikapur 08 May 2021 In order to control the increasing prevalence of corona infection in rural areas of the district, as per the instructions of Collector Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Corona Monitoring Team has been constituted in all Gram Panchayats as well as 53 clusters of Panchayats and one in-charge have also been formed. A cluster consists of 4 to 10 gram panchayats. The cluster in-charge will keep an eye on the panchayat and the monitoring team will take information of the day-to-day activities from the in-charge and give it to the district-level control room.
According to the information received, 8 clusters have been formed in Ambikapur and Mainpat districts, 7-7 in Udaipur and Sitapur districts, 10 in Lundra district, 9 in Lakhanpur district and 4 in Batauli district. Monitoring teams will monitor the number of patients in the village of Hom Isolation, distribution of medicines, compliance of restrictions etc. and inform the in-charges.