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Result WINNER Ashley Lightburn Miss Universe Belize 2022 / Miss Belize 2022

1st Runner-up Alina Scot

2nd Runner-up Samantha Singh

Result TOP 3 Miss Belize / Miss Universe Belize 2022

Samantha Singh

Ashley Lightburn

Alina Scot

Watch FREE Now LIVE Miss Universe Belize 2022

Get your tickets for Grand Finale from Box Office at the Bliss Center in Belize city to ejoy and cheer your favorite contestant om Saturday August 13 at 8:30pm

Belize Prime Minister Hon. Johnny Briceño invited the Miss Belize contestants, along with reigning Miss Universe Belize @irissalguero_  Miss Universe Belize 2019 @_destineearnold and Miss Universe Belize 2018 @jenellifraser to a lunch and meet and greet at his offices. 1 more day to pageant night .


The Belize Tourism Board is a proud sponsor of the Miss Universe Belize pageant that will take place on August 13th, 2022 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Minister Anthony Mahler of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, presented a cheque in the sum of $13,000 to the reigning Miss Universe Belize, Iris Salguero, on behalf of the Miss Universe Belize Organization to assist with this year’s pageant.

Belize Rural South Area Representative and Minister Andre Perez of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation along with Chief Executive Officer Ms. Kennedy Carrillo met with Miss Universe Belize 2022 Contestants.

Event Details: Miss Universe Belize 2022

Venue: Bliss Centre for Performing Arts, Theatre in Belize City located at Address: FRV7+9H3, Southern Foreshore, Belize City, Belize, Phone: +501 227-2110

Date & Time Schedule: The official Miss Belize 2022 Sashing Ceremony Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at VinotopiaBelize
Grand Finale on Saturday August 13, 2022 at 8:30 PM

Tickets: The Bliss Center for Performing Arts Ticket Booth Sale from Mon, Aug 8, 2022 from 10 AM to 4 OM, Price VIP $100, Res $50 $ General $25

Online Vote:

TV Broadcast & LIVE Streams: TNC10 presented by Nexgen Belize & Miss Universe Belize Organization, Channel 5 Belize on Saturday August 13 at 8:30pm and on their News 5 Live Facebook page and Channel5Bz YouTube page


Entertainers: Docta Maw and Kylon Eiley


Sponsors: Official Gold Sponsors ZITRO International Ltd., The Phoenix Boutique, Belize Tourism Board, along with Maya Island Air The Airline sponsor, Miss Belize 2022 official Welcome Dinner and karaoke night last night at Rustic Korner and Welcome basket sponsors - @righteousrootsoils @emilio.perera @salutarisbz @babyearthbz @meraki_bz @kandlesby _kay @belize.ecobag

Crowning By: Iris Salguero Miss Universe Belize 2021


The Belize Tourism Board is a proud sponsor of the Miss Universe Belize pageant that will take place on August 13th, 2022 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, presented a cheque in the sum of $13,000 to the reigning Miss Universe Belize, Iris Salguero, on behalf of the Miss Universe Belize Organization to assist with this year’s pageant.

On behalf of the BTB, we extend our best wishes to the contestants vying for this year’s crown.

Miss Universe Belize 2022 Contestants

Kaira Nuñez, Age: 19, District: Orange Walk
Job: Sales clerk; aspires to work at an Environmental Conservation Organization
Schooling: Associate's degree in Science with a concentration in Natural Resource Management
Kaira takes pleasure in being productive because she believes that efficiency is the key to success. Being open-minded has helped her learn something new in every life experience she has had. She considers herself to be a very lively and outgoing person which helps her get along well with others. This is her first pageant and is excited to step outside her comfort zone by competing. 
Fun fact: She enjoys watching true crime documentaries and animal planet.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, painting and makeup artistry
Quote: “I want to be the next Miss Belize because I want to utilize the title as a platform to raise awareness and take action on animal cruelty in Belize. I also believe that winning this pageant will strengthen my will and confidence in my ability to accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

Alina Scott, Age: 27, District: Cayo
Job: PhD Candidate and Littlefield Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin
Schooling: Bachelors and Master’s Degree in History; currently a Doctoral Candidate (PhD) in History
Alina is passionate about educational equity and accessibility. She has volunteered in a number of social and educational associations and organizations, including the Native American and Indigenous Peoples Association, Multicultural Students Organization, and others.
Fun Fact: She’s a volleyball player who represented Belize in several volleyball events including the CODICADER games in El Salvador and Costa Rica, the U-18 team in Costa Rica, and the Women's National Volleyball team in Curacao.
Hobbies:  swimming, reading, and any opportunity to see a new part of Belize.
Quote: “As Miss Belize, I want to give back to those very communities [intellectual and cultural communities] and reiterate to the youth of Belize that education is just a stepping stone for you to realize the fullest version of yourself.”

Kenia Tejada, Age: 27, District: Spanish Lookout, Cayo
Job: Tutor
Schooling: High-school Diploma with an interest to Major in Psychology
Kenia considers herself an easy going and adventurous person who never gets bored. She teaches some of the Children in her Village English as a second language. A few years before her father passed, he started a small organization called Hope Help Health (HHH) that provided food, clothing, and education for children and she would like to continue in his footsteps as she loves giving back. She considers herself an advocate for children and helps several of them in her village. 
Fun fact: Was adopted by Mennonites
Hobbies: loves playing volleyball, driving ATV’s and exploring the forest.
Quote: “I want to instill respect, love, justice and kindness into children’s lives. I know I can do that now, but I think as Miss Universe Belize, I can make a greater impact.”

Sigourny Usher, Age: 22, District: San Ignacio, Cayo
Job: Nurse
Schooling: Pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing
Sigourney is currently studying in Guatemala. This experience has taught her many things, especially how to be an independent person at her very young age. As a frontline worker, she has the opportunity to impact many lives. She was born and raised in San Ignacio and believes that wherever life takes her, she will forever be connected to her beautiful country.
Fun Fact: She has competed in Pageantry since primary school, and won the title of Srta. Flor de la Feria in 2015.
Hobbies: Enjoys exploring Belize, spending time with her family, dancing, singing and doing her makeup
Quote: “If I were to become Miss Universe Belize, I would use the platform to talk about the impact poverty has in my country, especially with older generations. I want to show that I can be confidently beautiful, but also 

Samantha Singh, Age: 27, District: Belize City now Placencia, Stann Creek District
Job: Writer
Schooling: Bachelor of Arts in English from Loyola New Orleans + Culinary Arts Degree from The New School of Cooking
Samantha is a working writer and a supporter of the arts, living in Placencia, Stann Creek District. Originally from Belize City, she was part of the founding-team behind Bent Pin Press, a literary journal publishing Belizean writers. She sees Miss Universe Belize as an opportunity to share her passion for Belizean literature and the importance of the arts in Belize with a broader audience.
Fun Fact: She is also a classically trained chef, appearing as both a guest chef and a judge on The National Channel’s Glazed Out.
Hobbies: Enjoys reading and travelling both internationally and throughout Belize, hiking, swimming and camping. She’s interested in sustainability and is refurbishing a vintage Volkswagen van in her free time, experiences which she vlogs about on her social media accounts.
Quote: "I know that advocacy is a huge part of the title, and that part is what I am most interested in. To have a place of privilege to speak from in support of both literacy and the arts in Belize, two places I believe deserve much more attention locally both for their cultural importance and the opportunities they provide for young Belizeans to transcend circumstance — that’s exciting to me.”

Ashley Lightburn, Age: 25, District: Belize City, Belize
Job: Project Manager Officer at a Bank and adjunct lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Belize
Schooling: Bachelor's in Pure Mathematics; currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Business Administration
Ashley believes she is a mercy woman at heart. Hence, since 2015 she has been volunteering at her alma mater Saint Catherine Academy as a cheerleading coach, passing the ever-beautiful SCA cheer spirit to other generations and the principle of sisterhood, confidence, and community. She is also a strong advocate for women in STEM, especially mathematics. Ashley hosted and has participated in the University of Belize's annual mathematics symposium since graduating in 2019.
Fun Fact: She is a really good crafter who loves decorating and making gift baskets, ornaments and more 
Hobbies: Engaging in Social Outreach initiatives
Quote: “This pageant, to me, is not only about displaying external beauty but also about inner beauty. I aim to show young girls that you can have all beauty and brains, and you should use it to inspire others and build your country. “


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