61 Irrigation Schemes To Raise 13 Percent Irrigated Area inKorba

Water Resources Department Work Plan to Augment Korba Water Resources aimed at Increase in Irrigated Area, Ground Water Conservation and Augmentation: The Plan Adding More to Total Korba GDP

Expansion of 61 irrigation schemes in Korba district, Irrigation capacity will increase from 30 percent to 43 percent

Raipur, 02 June 2021 In Korba district, work is being done to increase irrigation facilities and rejuvenate water sources, rivers and ponds for ground water conservation and augmentation. 61 new irrigation schemes are being expanded in the district, which will increase the irrigation potential of the district by 10 percent. These schemes include 48 under construction and 13 new items.

 With the completion of these schemes, the irrigation potential of the district will increase from 30 percent to 43 percent. At present, irrigation is being done under one major water project Hasdeo Bango Project and 72 other projects. With the completion of the new projects, there will be a total of 134 water projects. This will increase the irrigation potential in the district.

 At present, 44 thousand 834 hectare area is being irrigated in Korba district through 73 irrigation schemes and 15 thousand 695 irrigation schemes. Irrigation facilities will be expanded in 10 thousand 657 hectare area through 48 under construction schemes, which will increase irrigation by 7.91 percent.

Under the new head, 13 schemes will irrigate two thousand 835 hectares, due to which the irrigation potential will increase by 2.10 percent. With the completion of all these schemes, the total irrigation potential will increase to 58 thousand 326 hectares.

DMF out of 48 under construction schemes to double the irrigated area in the district. 22 schemes are being operated from the fund, due to which the irrigation potential will increase to 7 thousand 647 hectares. A target has been set to increase the irrigation area of ​​the district by 27 thousand 822 hectares, including the schemes under construction from DMF and the schemes proposed by the Agriculture Department.

  Of the 48 under construction reservoir and diversion schemes in the district, 12 in development block Katghora, nine in Podi-Uporda, 12 in Pali, 11 in Korba and four in development block Kartala are being constructed.

Under the schemes of 13 new items, one in development block Katghora, three in Podi-Uporda, five in Pali and four in development block Korba are included.

For expansion of irrigation potential, expansion of Katghora Diversion, Gangdei Diversion and Tenduwahi Diversion is being done in Katghora, along with Kholar Nala Stop Dam, Telsara Anicut, Fuljhar Stop Dam, Karranala Reservoir, Nanbanka Stop Dam, Tilaikundi Stop Dam, Lakshman Nala Stop Dam. Anicut is also being expanded.

Similarly, expansion of Rampur Reservoir, Patha Reservoir, Putwa Diversion, Turtle Nala Anicut, Nawamuda Stop Dam, Khuntapara Stop Dam, Paganwa Stop Dam, Jalke Stop Dam and Kumhari Sani Anicut is also being done in Podi-Uporda development block.

Kharun Diversion, Lotnapara Diversion, Masuriha Reservoir, Uttarda Reservoir and Katsira Reservoir, Mungadih Anicut, Ganeshpur Stop Dam and Dhobinala Stop Dam are being expanded in Pali development block.

For the expansion of irrigation potential in Korba development block, Dhavannala Diversion, Kolga Reservoir, Simmkenda Reservoir, Karumauha Reservoir and Parsakhola Diversion, Labed Reservoir, Turri Nala Stop Dam, Gahiya Stop Dam, Phulsari Reservoir, Girari Canal, Domnala Reservoir and chiral diversions.

In development block Kartala, expansion of Borinala diversion, Gidhauri reservoir and Ghinara diversion is being done.