72 Seater Aircraft can land without increasing runway length of Darima Airport: Minister T.S. Singh Dev

Ambikapur: 72 seater aircraft can land without increasing runway length: Panchayat Minister Shri T.S. Singh Dev inspects Darima air port: instructions to complete the work in 4 months
Ambikapur 15 October 2020

Chhattisgarh Shansan Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Shri T.S. Singhdev inspected the Darima Airport today to take stock of the preparations required for operating the 72 seater aircraft. He instructed the officers to complete the construction work for the next 4 months. During this time he was accompanied by School Education Minister Dr Premasai Singh Tekam. Mr. Singhdev said that the length of the runway of Jagdalpur and Bilaspur is shorter than the dormitory and the airline service from Jagdalpur has also started. In such a situation, there is no need to waste time in increasing the length of the runway of the darima. DGCA According to the Observation of, there is a need to increase thickness and leveling under run-way reinforcement.

Minister Mr. Singhdev inquired in detail from the Public Works Department and Revenue Department officials in the terminal building of Darima Airport regarding air port expansion. After this he also inspected the runway. Mr. Singhdev said that in view of future requirements, if land acquisition is to be done then people should not take care of their houses. He directed the officials of Public Works Department that the DGCA According to the instructions of the airport, the appointment of a consultant should be started soon and the DPR Send Raipur He said that the DGCA So far, three flaws have been pointed out in the recognition of the 72-seater aircraft operation to the Darima Airport. The first is the need for strengthening and leveling of the runway. For this, the thickness of the current runway is 40 to 60 cm thick with asphaltization. The second current apron (the location of the ship stoppage) is small, it needs to be increased and the third is to construct a 70 meter paved drain on either side of the runway so that rain water can drain quickly. He said that according to the number of passengers, the new building should be constructed to expand the terminal building.

During this time, Mr. Singhdev said that the D.G.C.A. If the points that are found in the recognition of the airport by the points are told together, then those deficiencies can be resolved simultaneously, but till now there is a shortcoming and then a second deficiency is said which will delay the recognition of the airport. Used to be. He said that so far only three shortcomings have been reported for the lack of recognition of the airport. He said that in this regard the DGCA Will be talked to the officials of.

During this time, Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Forestry Plant Board Mr. Balakrishna Pathak, Chairman of Labor Welfare Board Mr. Shafi Ahmed, Collector Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, Mayor Dr. Ajay Tirkey, District Panchayat Vice President Mr. Rakesh Gupta and other public representatives and officials were present.