75 Days Festivity Bastar Dussehra Ends with Mata Mavli heartfelt farewell

Jagdalpur, 19 October 2021: The world famous historical Bastar Dussehra, which lasted for 75 days, ended on Tuesday with the emotional farewell of Mata Mavli. According to tradition, more than 450 deities from 84 parganas and border states of Bastar division were given a respectful farewell after the family jatra on Monday. On Tuesday morning, on Pragati Path from Danteshwari temple, huge public gave a heartfelt farewell to Mata Mavli, during the farewell, devotees showered flowers on the doli of Mata Mavli and offered prayers.

During the farewell ceremony, the police personnel fired joyfully. On this occasion, people of different societies also came to express their reverence on Mai Ji. In the last ceremony of Bastar Dussehra, members of the royal family, Kamal Chand Bhanjdev Dussehra Committee Chairman, MP Deepak Baij along with Manjhi, including Chaliki. Administrative staff was present.