78.66 Percent Voters Voted in 10 gram panchayats of Jaipur and Ajmer districts

Jaipur, 22 January 2021. Voting in 10 gram panchayats of Jaipur and Ajmer districts of the state took place on Friday in an independent, fair and peaceful manner. A total of 78.66 per cent voters exercised their franchise in these panchayats.

Commissioner Shri PS Mehra said that in keeping with the Kovid epidemic, these 10 Panchayats (Gram Panchayat Senderia, Ajmer District of Ajmer District) with strict adherence to Kovid Guidelines issued by the Center, State, Medical, Local Administration and State Election Commission. Elections were held in Kayad, Nareli, Ghughra, Makdawali, Hathikheda, Tabiji, Daurai and Gram Panchayat Mundaliranjitpura of Kishangarh Renwal, Panchayat Samiti in Jaipur district and Jaipur). He said that 78. 46% voters cast their votes in 9 Panchayats of Ajmer Rural, 82. 37% voters exercised their franchise on 1 Panchayat in Jaipur. The election for the Deputy Election will be held on January 23.

Shri Mehra said that out of 54 thousand 524 voters in these 10 panchayats, 42889 voters exercised their franchise.

Mr. Mehra has thanked the voters for voting, following all the protocols of Corona. He said that elections have been successfully conducted in these panchayats with the support of voters and the spirit of dedication of the concerned district election officers, police officers and all the personnel associated with the election work. He also expressed his deep gratitude to the media for positive support.

Mr. Mehra said that polling started everywhere with social distancing and corona protocol. Till 10 am, 15.79 percent polling was done. Polling percentage reached 35.19 at 12 noon. By 3 pm, the percentage had reached 57.88 and at 5 pm, 77.79 percent voters cast their votes. A total of 78.66 percent voting was recorded after the end of voting.