Actress Faria Abdullah in inspiring talks at the TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally

Hyderabad, January 2022:  Students from Oakridge International School Bachupally organized TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally, an independently organised TED event recently. This student -led event observed empowering talks on this year’s theme, “Perfect Imperfections”. A sold-out event with 100 attendees this year, the event witnessed mind opening and new possibilities forming. The students and audience had novel experience and great interactions with outstanding speakers ranging from Deepti Ravula (CEO of WeHub), Ms Faria Abdullah (Actress and Atrist) to students of Oakridge Bachupally, Ms. Ishvi, Ms. Simran, Mr. Shanyu and Ms. Niva.

Actress Faria Abdullah in inspiring talks at the TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally

The guest speakers spoke about their journey through the process of being imperfectly perfect and how this acceptance has changed their life. They spoke about growth and self-acceptance as the part of the process. Ms. Faria Abdullah, artist and lead actress of JathiRatnalu said “Observation became a habit and sometimes overthinking fried my brains, but eventually I realised what started happening was that I made honesty with myself, my priority. The more I became clear about my intentions, the easier it became to maneuver life. I sat in the driver’s seat and made an attempt to understand the route as much as I wanted to understand driving itself”.

Student speakers from Oakridge Bachupally spoke about their life and about how being imperfect at some point of time gave them a better result than they expected. Each one of them had something very special and close to their heart to share about.

Keeping this year’s theme in mind the event conducted several culturally based activities on perfect imperfections like music and dance by students, workshops like pottery, designed to exhibit the ideas of materialization of something beautiful, a pot from something quite imperfect. Even the visual identity of the event was based on the ‘Kintsugi’, a broken Japanese bowl mended with gold, with the spirit of Wabi-Sabi. Wabi encapsulates the beauty of asymmetrical objects while Sabi showcases the impermanence of life. TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally was an opportunity for the audience to branch out and connect with their perfect imperfections and go home with a mind full of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” 

"Inspired by Marc Jacobs as he rightly said finding beauty in things that are odd and imperfect are much more interesting. Exactly one year ago, my team of fellow classmates and I had come up with an idea of TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally and we instantly knew that we wanted to explore one of the most profound themes of all things under the sun: Our imperfect but perfect spirits, inviting future catalysts and trendsetters to build perspectives and unique courses through their testaments as we spur each other to choose connection over perfection thus appreciating our unique individuality.” says Ms. Shriya, a Grade 12 student from Oakridge Bachupally and organizer of the event.

Ms. Shriya, a Grade 12 student from Oakridge Bachupally and organizer of the TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal at Oakridge Bachupally said “For me, Perfection can be an illusion. You never know what is going on behind closed doors. I believe consideration is the single greatest factor that has led to my ability to lead and love with success. A student needs that confidence and assurance from us that they can achieve greater. Our love, compassion, expectation, and belief in them lays a great impact on their minds and gains momentum.”

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