Administration for Digital Industries Announces Special Security Measures in SEMICON Taiwan 2022

Fab Equipment Cybersecurity Standards and Supply Chain Security are promoted by the Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs and Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Equipment Cybersecurity Promotion Conference on Sep 14th at SEMICON Taiwan 2022

TAIPEI, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In assisting the semiconductor industry to improve cybersecurity resilience, the Administration for Digital Industries, Ministry of Digital Affairs (hereinafter referred to as "adi") is collaborating with SEMI, semiconductor industry associations and industry businesses to hold a "Semiconductor Equipment Cybersecurity Promotion Conference" on Sep 14th at SEMICON Taiwan 2022. Guests include Ms. Jo-ann Su, Senior Director of SEMI, Mr. Leon Chang, member of SEMI Taiwan Cybersecurity Committee, Mr. Sterling Lin, Chairman of TEEIA (Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association), Mr. Charles Li, Executive Director of TPSA (Taiwan Panel & Solution Association) and semiconductor equipment manufacturers as Gallant Precision Machining (GPM), Marketech International Corp. (MIC), Contrel Technology Co., Ltd. and Mirle Automation Corporation that have already begun implementation of SEMI E187, the Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment. All participants acknowledge and support this standard.

Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General of adi, stated in his speech that the government has combined efforts of the industry, government, and academia to jointly promote the Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment, SEMI E187. Launched in January of 2022, promotion from four major scopes is underway, which are Operating System, Network Security, Endpoint Protection and Security Monitoring. The establishment of practical guidelines will continue, transforming cybersecurity standards into case studies, and assisting manufacturers to understand the context of the standards. Taiwan's pivotal position in the semiconductor industry will be utilized to drive supply chain security and introduction of cybersecurity into the PCB (printed circuit boards) and electronic components industry. At the same time, the Made-in-Taiwan Cybersecurity Solution will be promoted to accelerate implementation as a standard and for the growth of the cybersecurity industry.

Taiwan's semiconductor industry plays an important role in global supply chains. As manufacturers have been requested by international players for more active roles in cybersecurity, the introduction of SEMI E187 has attracted attention from semiconductor manufacturers, equipment suppliers and cybersecurity solutions providers. Thus, adi has set up a "SECPAAS Cybersecurity Pavilion" at SEMICON Taiwan, converging 18 local companies with R&D capabilities to display their solutions, and via group gatherings, promote cybersecurity solutions that comply with SEMI E187, enhancing supply chain security and obtaining orders from international players.

Semiconductor equipment is the preliminary gateway to high-tech manufacturing. As supply chain security has become an important global topic, the launch of SEMI E187 Cybersecurity Standard is the first step to building a reliable supply chain ecosystem, providing equipment manufacturers with guidelines to follow and for the demand side to establish clear and precise cybersecurity requirements when making procurements. Leu, Director General of adi, highlighted that "R.I.S.E." are the core areas of adi's services, standing for Resilience, Integration, Security and Empowerment. In the future, adi will continue to work with SEMI, semiconductor manufacturers, equipment suppliers and cybersecurity solution providers to assist players to implement international standards and promote certification mechanisms, achieving a win-win situation between the semiconductor and cybersecurity industries, making Taiwan's semiconductor companies the trustworthy partners in worldwide supply chains.