Advanced farming techniques of Chilkuti's Farmer Sridhar Brings Extra Earning

Bastar farmers are becoming self-sufficient through the use of new agricultural techniques

Raipur, 25 February 2021

The farmers of Bastar are moving towards becoming self-sufficient by adopting advanced farming techniques. Sridhar, a farmer of village Chilkuti in the development block Jagdalpur, took economic development by taking advantage of departmental schemes related to agriculture.

Sridhar, a farmer from Chilkuti, has about 4 acres of arable land. In which, due to lack of irrigation, they used to take paddy crop only in kharif. At the same time, due to the rainfed farming, they could not get even the desired production.

Under the Agriculture Department scheme, farmer Shridhar of Chilkuti got the tube well mined, as a result, he is getting additional income by cultivating paddy in Kharif and peas in Rabi, sunflower, groundnut, maize and other vegetables. Sprinklers, drip systems for irrigation have also been installed by them.

Farmer Sridhar of Chilkuti said that under the guidance of the officers of the Agriculture Department, under the Haritkranti scheme last year, he planted a line of paddy in a hectare by planting. Also, based on the recommendation of soil health card obtained after soil testing, by managing fertilizers, food and micro nutrients, more production was achieved than before.

Farmer Sridhar of Chilkuti said that the expenditure on manure and fertilizer earned more income and the revenue earned by selling paddy at the price fixed by the state government was about 90 thousand.

Bastar farmer Sridhar says that cultivation from intercropping and mixed cropping system, compared to one crop, provides additional benefits along with food security.

Farmer Sridhar of Chilkuti informed that under the spirit scheme of Agriculture Department in the current Rabi, sowing of advanced technology of peas, groundnuts and sunflowers under the guidance of departmental officials. Which is likely to bring additional benefits this year.

This is a success story of a small village of Bastar, Sridhar, a farmer of Chilkuti, is moving towards becoming self-sufficient by adopting new technology.