After getting corona positive patients in Gariaband, Chhaura and Rajim, identified area declared as Containment Zone, 3 km circumference as buffer zone declared by Collector Chhatar Singh Dehre

Collector and District Magistrate Chhatar Singh Dehre issued order
Chhattisgarh News Gariaband News 30 June 2020 Tuesday: After founding Corona positive patients in Gariaband district last Sunday and Monday, the Chauhaddi (periphery) of the concerned area has been declared as Corona Containment Zone by Collector and District Magistrate Chhatar Singh Dehre (IAS).
In the order issued by Gariband Collector, all the shops and other commercial establishments under the said area of Containment Zone will remain closed till the next order. The supply of essential goods will be ensured at reasonable rates through the home access service by the officer-in-charge.

Traffic of all types of vehicles will be completely banned. For any reason other than medical emergency, the exit of the house will be prohibited.

According to the order of Collector and District Magistrate Chhatar Singh Dehre, Gariaband Nagar Palika Ward No. 01, Ward No.-13, Village Amadi and in Chhura Block, Nagar Panchayat Chhura Ward No.-10, Village Gondal bahara Ward No.-07 and Nagar Panchayat Rajim Ward No. 14 identified boundary area of the concerned region has been declared as a Containment Zone after confirming that new positive corona patients have been found on 28-29 June 2020,

The 3 km radius has been declared as buffer area around the Containment Zone.

According to the order, police patrolling will be ensured for arranging according to the standards of the health department in the said area.

Necessary surveillance, contact, tracing and sample examination will be taken as per the direction of Health Department.
Officers have been entrusted with the task of carrying out contention zones of Gariaband and Chhaura:
Executive Engineer Public Works Department for barricading for only one entry and exit and
The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Municipal Officer of the district have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring sanitary arrangements of the area including entry and exit and availability of essential items.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer Gariaband has been entrusted with the responsibility for contact tracing.
The Block Medical Officer has been given the responsibility of providing medicines, masks, PPE pests etc. to the health team and managing biomedical waste.
The supervisor of the Women and Child Development Department, Gariband, has active surveillance of the houses and
The Block Education Officer has been entrusted with the responsibility of arranging in the control room set up at the block level.

The subdivisional officer of the police department has been entrusted with the responsibility of getting shops closed and traffic restricted.

Supervision officer has been appointed to supervise and coordinate the said zone.
The subdivisional magistrate will be in full charge of the area concerned.
All the above officers and employees will coordinate among themselves and discharge all the responsibilities.
If required, they will be authorized to levy duty of other local staff for the above mentioned works.

Patwari of Supebada suspended, Collector Dehre and District CEO Langeh visited Mainpur and Devbhog: instructions given in meeting with Block Development Officers

Instructions to deliver tap water to every house in Supebeda
Overview of Gothan and Chabutra construction

Gariaband, 30 June 2020 Collector Chhatar Singh Dehre and Zilla Panchayat CEO Vinay Langeh went on a tour of Mainpur and Devbhog area amid rain on Monday.

During this, the officials gave necessary instructions after meeting the development level officers. Revenue animal husbandry, electricity, agriculture, health, primitive caste development, women child development and other departments were reviewed in the meeting of officers at the rest house of Mainpur.

The revenue department directed to take all pending land acquisition proceedings in time.

Collector said that farmers should be sure to get fertilizer seeds, and all duplicate loan book should be canceled.

It should also be kept in mind that not more than one loan book should be with the same farmer.

Instructions have been given to complete the chabutras being made for paddy purchase within three.

If encroachment has been done in the area of ​​Gothan, then action should be taken to remove the encroachment within a week.

At the same time, the cattle should be kept in the Gothan itself under plantation and stopped-plantation.

In Mainpur and Devbhog area, for regular power supply, identify the trees under the power line and cut and prune it so that no electricity can be blocked.

The Collector has given instructions regarding repair of hostels, MNREGA, bridges and culverts, supplementary nutritious food to children etc.

Mainpur SDM Mrs. Ankita Som, District CEO Mr. Narsing Dhruv and District officials of the concerned department were present in the meeting.
After the meeting, officials visited village Supebheda under Devbhog. In the village Supebheda, the collector expressed displeasure at seeing water logging and dirty at hand pumps and tap sites.

He instructed the sarpanch and the secretary to do the cleaning immediately. Also instructed the RES department to build a boundary wall there.

The Collector visited the Arsenic and Iron Removal Plant established to provide pure and clean water to the villagers in the government primary and secondary premises.

Collector inquired about water supply. It was informed that a total of 06 filter plants have been installed in the village and pure water is being delivered to households under the tap water and land water scheme.
The Collector has given instructions to the PHE Department to provide free water to every house in the village.

During this, the Collector gave instructions to repair the chabutra made for the flag.

During this period Patwari Manoj Shandilya, who was absent on the spot, was suspended.

Prior to this, the collector inspected the water supply tank for Supebeda set up in village Nishtiguda and inquired about the process.
He visited Gauthan at Nishtiguda and inquired about the Roca-Cheka program.
Garmino was advised to send his cattle to Gothan.

Thereafter, resentment was expressed over the slow construction of 06 chabutras being made for paddy purchase in village Jhakharpara. The Collector instructed the concerned engineer to complete the work in three days.
During this time, the subdivisional officer Anupam Ashish Toppo, District CEO Mandavi and district officials were present.

Gariaband: The average rainfall so far in the district is 308 mm. Entered: On June 30 in the highest Rajim tehsil

Gariaband 30 June 2020 Average rainfall in the current monsoon session in Gariaband district is 308 mm from 01 June to 30 June 2020. Is recorded.

According to the information received from the Land Records Branch, Gariaband, on June 30, the maximum rainfall was 82.8 mm in Rajim Tehsil. Is recorded.

Similarly, 48.6 mm in Devbhog tehsil, 34.3 mm in Mainpur tehsil. And 5.3 mm in Chura tehsil. It rained
While there is no rainfall recorded in Gariaband.