All 7 Surguja District Blocks have Swami Atmanand Government Excellent English Medium School : Ground Report

Children from economically weaker sections will also build their future by studying in an excellent English medium school

Ambikapur 13 September 2021: The children of the economically weaker sections of remote forest also see the dream of studying in a private English medium school with all facilities, but the hefty fees of these schools do not allow their dreams to be fulfilled. The state government has taken the initiative to fulfill the dream of the children of remote forest by opening Swami Atmanand Government Excellent English Medium School. Now children from economically weaker sections of remote Vananchal area of ​​Surguja district will also be able to build a better future by studying in Swami Atmanand Excellent English Medium School.

In the academic session 2020-21 in the district, Swami Atmanand Government Excellence English Medium School was started in Government Higher Secondary School at Bramhapara, Ambikapur and Government Higher Secondary School, Devgarh in Sitapur Block.
In the new academic session 2021-22, Swami Atmanand Excellent English Medium School has been started in Lakhanpur, Udaipur, Lundra and Mainpat blocks of the district.

Thus, now excellent English medium schools are being run in all the 7 development blocks of the district. Admission of students in all schools has been done from class 01 to class 12 as per rules, at present there are 2743 students studying in Swami Atmanand Vidyalaya of the district. Contract appointment of remaining teachers is being done for appointment.

Under the guidance of Collector Sanjeev Kumar Jha, all the teaching rooms have been equipped in the two schools operated since last year. Facilities for renovation and interior decoration of classrooms have been made available. Digital Classroom Every classroom has been renovated and made attractive to improve the quality of education.

Digital classes are being conducted in the classrooms. All the teachers have been trained to conduct digital classes. To overcome the curiosities of science, necessary facilities have been made available by renovating the well-equipped chemistry, biology and physics labs. Efforts are made by the teachers to awaken the scientific curiosity of the children. Apart from this, computers are being developed as e-library by arranging furniture racks. A well-equipped computer lab has been set up in the school to promote digital education to the children.

For the smooth functioning of the office, a systematic principal room has been prepared where a central mic system has been installed. cc TV Monitoring is done regularly.

Under the mid-day meal program, systematic and quality food is being provided to the children, separate living room, seating arrangement, mess room have been arranged for them.

All the classrooms, laboratory and computer lab operated in the school have been made Wi-Fi enabled, the entire education is being conducted both online and offline.

 Girls' common room has been arranged for girls and women staff in the school under the head of District Mineral Trust, keeping in mind the requirements of seating arrangement, sanitary napkin vending machine, arrangement of water cooler and purifier, etc.

Separate toilets have been arranged for students and male teaching staff.

Keeping in mind the separate requirement for the differently-abled also, toilets have been arranged. Similarly, in this academic session, the work of building infrastructure in the schools started in five blocks is being done expeditiously.

Along with this, furniture and necessary equipment are being equipped. Keeping in view the Kovid infection, the entire school premises are sanitized from time to time. Sanitizer machines and thermal scanners etc. have been arranged in the premises.