Allschool teacher Belinda is ready to take young learners on a journey of planetary discovery this Christmas

It's This Year's Biggest Sale With Online Courses Starting From USD$2.99 @ Christmas

Allschool Announces Virtual Treasure Hunt with Christmas Sales, Offering a Fun Festive Season Challenge for All the Family

SINGAPORE, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Allschool, a Singapore-based innovative online education platform, has an unmissable offer starting from USD$2.99 for parents who wish to fill Christmas days with some engaging and fun educational games for their little ones.

From December 21 to 23, families are invited to embark on a virtual "treasure hunt" in a flurry of Alphabet Games on Allschool, please click Facebook pages and Instagram. Each winning family has a chance to receive an exciting Santa gift from Allschool. Along with the treasure hunt campaign, Allschool's courses are also on sale with deep discounts from December 21 to 29. For example, Zookeeper Training Class and Name Our Planets enjoy special Christmas deals as low as USD$2.99 and USD$4.99 respectively.

The Christmas challenge features themes based on three of Allschool's most popular courses, which are designed and delivered by experienced teachers based in the U.S. to boost children's interest in science, foster their mathematical thinking and give them a head start in word learning:

  • Zookeeper Training Class is a course that enables learners to act as a junior zookeeper in a virtual zoo to observe how zookeeper and teacher Tracy feeds the animals through behind-the-scenes video of her daily life. Kids never get bored with a couple of companions in the class.
  • Name Our Planets is taught by senior teaching staff Belinda, who will take kids on a space journey to discover and explore the solar system. Kids will be thrilled with their rewards from teacher based on their performance.
  • The Origin of Multiplication and The Application of Fast Calculation applies math skills through gamified learning to boost interest in math and teacher Whitney will help kids to get math solutions and solve real-life problems.

The courses can get the kids moving and having fun while they practice basic early literacy. In spite of being away from school during the Christmas season, kids can still meet new teachers and friends with Allschool's highly interactive courses.

Many schools are shifting to remote instruction in response to COVID-19, but the lack of interactive learning content has left many learners feeling neglected through online sessions, making it hard for students to catch up with their missed in-person lessons. Allschool targets these pain points by creating a global destination for online learning which allows students from preschool to high school to spark their passion and elevate academic performance through a myriad of high-quality, engaging, and immersive live classes.

Alongside the holiday savings promotion, the company wishes to bring a bit more fun to young learners while keeping them active and engaged this winter break and festive season with a series of widely beloved Alphabet Games. Through these games, Allschool not only aims to help kids practice their spelling but also hopes to create some unforgettable memories in addition to the excitement of Santa coming down the chimney, sprucing up Christmas trees, as well as all of the wonderful festive family parties.

As Allschool's biggest sale throughout this year, the company's Christmas offering allows kids to explore the infinite world of zoos, outer space, or the kingdom of math, while being together with family members. For more information, please visit

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