Ana Laura Ferreira's Successor crowned, Sabrina Ribeiro aka Sabrina Gladio Miss Grand Portugal 2022

The successor of Ana Laura Ferreira Miss Grand Portugal 2021, winner against 18 Delegates Sabrina Ribeiro aka Sabrina Gladio Miss Grand Portugal 2022 crowned Today in Estoril Casino Black & Silver Room, Cascais, Lisbon on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Sabrina Ribeiro aka Sabrina Gladio Miss Grand Portugal 2022 will represent her nation Portugal in the upcoming 10TH Miss Grand International 2022 Pageant scheduled on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at Sentul International Convention Center, West Java, Indonesia. She is Ads Reviewer & Coach who makes you stand out on IG. Sabrina is fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Italian, and Spanish languages


I don’t need a weapon. I am one

Whether you stand up for human rights or you pray for peace… it all begins with YOU! There is no tool capable of doing what your heart can.
Looking back, 2021 was a year of seeing people with weapons winning some battles. It was a year of dealing with a different outcome then what we were looking forward to.
Although, you already know: I NEVER LOSE, EITHER I WIN OR I LEARN!
I learnt that we win people of matter’s hearts by being genuine and staying true to ourselves.
I learned that it is okay if you stop being perfect while you improve your future self. It doesn’t make you less you. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back in order to advance and enhance your chance.
This week by getting the messages from people who support me all around the world (highlights) I felt like no matter what happens next it will be huge and better than ever imagined 🙏🏻

Don’t ever stop working on yourself, there are people who won’t see your worth and there are people who will love you at the first sight. Focus on the love.
Whatever you do, do it for YOU and do it for those who love you!
You don’t need a weapon. You are one.
Ph 📸 Joana Luís
MUA 💄 Joana Luís
Styling 👠 Sabrina Gladio