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National Director Natasha Martindale Announces WINNER Andrea King Miss World Guyana 2022

All 10 are Runner-ups, NO 1st Runner-up & 2nd Runner-up


Arian Richmond
Esther Marslowe
Naina Pai
Andrea King
Trevlind Harry

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Keshia Thomas (Kaiya) and Nekeita's Music LIVE performers at Miss World Guyana 2022 Coronation
Joylyn Conway Miss world Guyana 2021 will crown her successor

Andrea King Winner People's Choice Award Miss world Guyana 2022

Decision Panel for Miss World Guyana 2022 Grand Coronation

Trevor Bassoo is a dynamic executive with over twenty years combined private and public sector experience in managing various enterprises across at least seven different industries.. He currently serves as General Manager of Navigant Builders Inc. the Developers of Windsor Estates.

Chelsea Wyatt is the CEO of That Look Boutique. She hails from Bartica and is an alumnus of Bartica Secondary and the University of the West Indies where she pursued studies in Business Management and Psychology. She has worked with and styled some of the most well-known artistes. She also served as a stylist for Vogue Magazine.

Dave Lalltoo, Chairman of Miss World Guyana. He is currently the holder of 2 Masters’ Degrees; Business Management and one in International Relations from the University of Hertfordshire and is reading for a doctorate in business management presently. He is also known for being the recipient of two National Youth Awards in Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Conservation and Protection.

Devesh Persaud is one of the Directors at Nand Persaud & Company Limited. This holder of a Diploma in Marketing Management is also the Executive Officer of Nand Persaud Milling complex and Executive Officer of Amazonia rice investment.

Mischka White-Griffith is a mother of four and has been an educator for 19 years. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration, among many other degrees including  a degree in History from Harvard Business School..
She is currently  the principal of School of the Nations Special Education - Primary departments.

Raghnie Narain is the CEO of Fernandes Guyana Enterprise. She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Business Management and has served in the corporate world for over thirteen years and counting. She is also interestingly a polyglot and can speak five different languages.

Alana Ramson: First we have  an accomplished dancer and mother of two who also happens to be Miss India Worldwide 2012. She is  a philanthropist who is passionate about the arts.

Nigel Niles is an Attorney-at-Law admitted to practice law in Guyana some twenty years ago. He holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of the West Indies and a Master in Corporate and Commercial Law from the University of London. He served as a judge for several competitions in Guyana including previous editions of the Miss World Guyana National Competition.

Natasha Martindale CEO and National Director of Majesty International Talent Management Agency, the official license holder of the Miss World Guyana franchise. She is also a chartered accountant, businesswoman and lover of the arts.


All Contestants have gone through Challenges & Competitions in line with Miss World like Multimedia - Influence others socially, Talent - Mastering performing arts, Debate - Voicing passionate opinions, 
Performance Evaluation - Interview skills & attributes, Beauty With Purpose - Finding true purpose, 
Beach Beauty - Depict regional styles,  Top Model - Alluring confidence and poise and Fitness / Sports -Embrace lifestyle change.

Beauty With A Purpose Gala & Dinner is happening on Thurs, August 18, 2022 from 19:00hrs at Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel. Contribution: $15,000 (Proceeds goes towards MWG'22 BWP National Project).
Tickets are on sale at Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel, and Giftland Mall (Electronics Department)

TOP 10 Miss World Guyana 2022

  1. Shannon Sooklall
  2. Krystal Collymore
  3. Trevlind Harry
  4. Esther Marslowe
  5. Andrea King
  6. Arian Richmond
  7. Malinda Ho-A-Lim
  8. Kaitlin Sharma
  9. Anjanie Lall
  10. Emaley Nurse
  11. Naina Pai

Miss World Guyana pageant has started with 38 Candidates and today on Sat, June 25, 2022, Fourteen Semi-finalists names announced who will further contest TOP 10 Positions

  1. Shannon Sooklall
  2. Gishell Massiah
  3. Krystal Collymore
  4. Trevlind Harry
  5. Darisa Christie
  6. Esther Marslowe,
  7. Andrea King
  8. Raeshaunna Jones
  9. Arian Richmond
  10. Malinda Ho-A-Lim
  11. Kaitlin Sharma
  12. Anjanie Lall
  13. Emaley Nurse
  14. Naina Pai