Andreina Martínez is 2nd Runner-up Miss Universe 2022

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Andreina Martínez is TOP 16 Then TOP 5 & TOP 3 @ Miss Universe 2022

Andreina Martínez is NAMED Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2022

An Account of Journey to FORCE for GOOD Miss Universe 2022 Crown in New Orleans Arena: Andreina Martínez The Determination Unlimited

Andreina Martínez was CROWNED Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2021! What happened in between?

Andreina Martínez Departure USA Schedule is Wed, Jan 4, 2023 at 8:00AM from Santo Domingo Las Américas International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas) to set her 71ST Miss Universe 2022 New Orleans Journey.

Sat, Dec 31, 2022: Tue, Jan 3, 2023: Miss RD Universo is extending "Hola 2023, I welcome you with the best energies, from yellow to attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity" in Dress Designed by GUSTAVO ARANGO with Styling by Magali Febles Miss Universe National Director for Dominican Republic. She further adds "And so we close the chapter 2022, And so far the end of the year content No I have nothing left but to thank you for all the love I've received, I take the opportunity to thank Gustavo Arango for this beautiful yellow dress to receive this new year, I love you and thank you • May 2023 fill us with a lot of joy, peace, wisdom and empathy 🇩🇴"

Andreina Martínez is enjoying New Year's Eve to RING in 2023 at Puerto Rico at Fairmont El San Juan Hotel along with Ashley Cariño Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022, Shimmy McHugh, Valeria Alicea and her mentor Magali Febles. Soon she will be united States heading to New Orleans.

Today MUO Released Video Introduction Titled Miss Universe Dominican Republic Spills the TEA! | 1 ON 1 at URL but focus on "I'm a little bit biased but my favorite Miss Universe has to be Amelia Vega Miss Universe 2003, she's the only and hopefully not the last Miss Universe from Dominican Republic, so we will just love her so much, it's just my favorite Miss Universe, yeah I love her, I think she's an icon for all Dominicans, we love her so much, she just gave so much hope to the country, she was the first one and I think we just love her so much so I would love to meet her one day"

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Full Name Andreína Martínez Founier-Rosado aka ANDREÍNA MARTÍNEZ, Country: Dominican Republic, Official Age 25 Years, updates at Instagram @_andreinamart and there is Special IG GUIDE detailing Pictures & Visuals Curated by Miss Universe Organization. Andreina's Date of Birth is Mon, Sep 22, 1997 and Place of Birth is Santiago (Official Name: Saint James of the Knights / Santiago de los Caballeros).

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Andreína Martínez draws courage and inspiration from her unique Dominican and U.S dual-citizenship and migrating story. At the age of 13 and without the ability to speak a single word of English, Martínez moved from a rural part of the Dominican Republic to face the urban challenges of the Bronx in New York City.

Martínez is the winner of Google’s Pay it Forward Award for her dedication to her community and earned a BA in Psychology from the City College of New York. Before graduating Magna Cum Laude, she earned a coveted spot as a Capitol Hill Intern in Washington D.C. working at Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s office. It was there that she discovered her passion for the preservation of female rights and has become an advocate for public policy that advances women.

Her struggle as an immigrant sparked a fire in her to protect systematically marginalized communities. She currently works at The Women’s Equality Center, a nonprofit organization directed solely by women that resiliently guards the rights of women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Martínez’s ultimate goal is to become the first female ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the United Nations. Andreina is a firm believer that your background does not define your future, but your courage, determination and persistence do.

Andreina Martínez is NAMED & CROWNED Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2022

  • Today Miss Rep Dom. Universo declared Andreina Martínez has once again Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2022 after winning the national crown in the 2021 contest, but was replaced by Debbie Aflalo last year due to pandemic
  • God's timing is perfect, Immensely grateful to be able to embark on this dream together: Andreina Martínez
  • Pandemic only delayed her Miss Universe Presence and NOW she is all all set for 2022 Miss Universe 71st Edition
  • Full Name Andreína Martínez Fournier-Rosado aka Andreina Martínez Fournier aka Andreína Martinez represents Dominican Community in the U.S. in the pageant
  • The model Andreina Martínez Fournier will now represent the Dominican Republic in the Miss Universe 2022 beauty pageant as per the organization announcement on Wednesday
  • She is also crowned Miss República Dominicana US 2021 on Sun Nov 7, 2021

Wed, April 27, 2022, Hollywood, CA, USA, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Today The Organization of Miss Dominican Republic Universe published in social media “…makes the official announcement that it has appointed Ms. Andreina Martínez Fournier, representative of the Dominican Republic to the Miss Universe 2022 Contest.” Andreina represented the Dominican community in the United States and emerged 2021 Crown Winner, but because she was infected by Covid-19 she could not participate in Miss Universe. She is born and raised in Santiago de los Caballeros. She attended her studies in Santiago.

Andreina, who yesterday posed for Tirso Gonzalez's lens, dressed by Bride To Be RD, made up and hair done by Magali Febles, is a 24-year-old graduate Magna Cum Laude in Psychology and Latin American Studies from the City College of New York.
She has participated in the NY- NYFW fashion week in the New York City. She has been part of campaigns for brands such as Missoni, Nars cosmetics and Sephora. She won her first beauty pageant 'Misses of the Dominican Republic', a contest held in the city of NY. Being the first time that she wins a representative of the Dominican community USA.

In her professional life, Andreina has assisted senators, congressmen, and NYC council members with immigration rights, public housing assistance, and mental health cases. She currently works at the Women's Equality Center, a nonprofit organization, a non-profit organization that fights for women's rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Magali Febles, National Director of the beauty pageant, Miss Dominican Republic Universe Organization in the country, quoted “We have an excellent completely bilingual representative, I work in the United States Congress with NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Andreina is undergoing dental treatments with Dr Francisco Socías Spa Dental since February, she is a very intelligent young woman with great presence, qualities, beauty and culture. Andreina was recognized in Hispanic Heritage Month by Google Student for being an outstanding student who made a difference and provided help in her community. I am sure that her beauty, intelligence and presence will impact Miss Universe putting the name of the Dominican Republic on high.”

2021 Miss República Dominicana 2021 Andreina Martínez was crowned by La Romana’s Kimberly Jiménez as her successor at Salón de Eventos Sambil on Sun, Nov 7, 2021.

Who replaced Andreina Martinez after Pandemic in 2021?
The 1st Runner-Up Debbie Áflalo of Azua attended as Dominican Republic Delegate at Miss Universe 2021 in Eilat, Israel. Now the time has come again for Andreina Martínez to take Dominican Republic Flag at Miss Universe 2022 Pageant with great hopes to win the crown.
Best of Luck Queen Andreina Martinez on Your Miss Universe Journey!!!


The Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2022 Reaction and Thanks
God's timing is perfect, Immensely grateful to be able to embark on this dream together: Andreina Martínez

Thank you God for giving me this great opportunity, thanks to the people who have continuously believed in me Jorge Cruz, National Director, Alejandro Martínez Mister Of Dominican Republic, Misses Of DR USA, and Miss Dom republic Universe and my director Magali Febles. I know that together we will do great things
To my family, my motor day by day, thank you for betting on my crazy dreams, thank you for being my unconditional support, thank you for supporting, encouraging, protecting, and supporting each one of my steps. This achievement is yours, you are my greatest blessing
Officially Miss Dominican Republic Universe Committed to the constant effort to improve myself every day with the mission that together we will see the Dominican Republic shine again before the Universe 🇩🇴
In front of the lens of Tirso González Photography thank you for capturing these beautiful images, Direction and Pictures by Magali Febles

Andreina Martínez Bio Facts

In her spare time she practices volleyball and softball. Her favorite singer is Juan Luis Guerra, a lover of all musical rhythms.

Her favorite writer Gabriel García Márquez, and her favorite genre of literature is the “essay”. Catholic by birth. She identifies with the historical character Dolores Huerta who at the time fought for the rights and organization of farmers in the United States, who with her foundation managed to help many people. When choosing her favorite dish, the traditional goes, she prefers (Dominican sancocho).

If she were the representative of Miss Dominican Republic, she would focus on promoting Dominican women and girls, instilling motivational values to get ahead; and demonstrating with her work that there are no limits for any woman.

Her motivation to participate in the contest; Since she was a child, she dreamed of being a representative of Miss Dominican Republic. She thinks that the effort and dedication that must be had when being the representative of the country is a great example, she wants to publicize and highlight Dominican culture, values and customs.