ANM Magdali Tirki Pride of Surguja, Honored in Capital Raipur

Honor received from Governor in the capital Raipur

 Ambikapur 7 March 2021 ANM Smt Magdali Tirki posted at Sur Sub Health Center of Sitapur Block in Surguja District has raised the value of not only Sitapur but the entire Surguja district. She has been honored at the hands of the Governor for Mrs. Magdalei's service. Not only this, all the guests present here have praised Magdali's work of service and described him as a role model.
  On the occasion of International Women's Day, Nari Ratna Samman was organized in Raipur by a news channel with His Excellency Governor Anusuiya Uike present as the chief guest.

In this honor ceremony, women working in different fields were to be honored.

ANM Smt. Magadali Tirkey posted at Sur Sub Health Center, Sitapur, was selected from the district. Magdali Tirkey is 56 years old who has been providing services of not only the government and health department to the general public for 15 years but also the township of Mahuabathan hill Korvas which is located 7 km from the sub health center and there is no way to go Is not.

In such a situation, Magdali climbs about 3 kilometers of difficult hill every week to reach the health services of Pahari Korwa. Many times people have to do lot of troubles here, but even after this, they do not hesitate to give their services.

After receiving this honor, Magdali said that this is the result of his selfless service and said that it is an honor for Sur, Sitapur, Surguja and the entire health department.