Wednesday Suction Fest E-bid submission in housing scheme for all, starting today on 08 June 2020

Give 10 percent price of house and Do Grih Pravesh enter the house

Jaipur, 08 June 2020 Housing Commissioner Pawan Arora informed that under Wednesday Auction Festival, e-bid submission under the Housing Scheme in installments for all will start from today 08 June 2020. Under this scheme, people will be provided accommodation in installments at a discount of up to 50% in 45 schemes of 39 cities. These houses will be provided in 156 easy monthly installments of 13 years.

Corona Safe Rental Apartmentments Available in co-living platforms Danke

Danke Provides Safe Rental Apartments and Services for Residents Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Phoenix Tree Holdings Limited ("Danke" or the "Company") (NYSE: DNK), one of the largest co-living platforms in China with the fastest growth, has launched a series of new measures this month to provide its tenants with safe rental apartments and services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.