Apply Ration Dukan for Bendarkona, Sonagudha, Katkona, Mudhunara, Karumauha, Chakamar, Sakadukala, Bagbuda, Urga, Kukaricholi, Bhainsma and Pandaripani

Application for new government ration shops in 12 gram panchayats of development block Korba by 19 March namely Bendarkona, Sonagudha, Katkona, Mudhunara, Karumouha, Chakmar, Sakadukala, Bagbuda, Urga, Kukaricholi, Bhainsma and Pandaripani

Korba 01 March 2021

12 new government fair price shops will be opened in 12 gram panchayats of Korba district. New ration shops will be opened in 12 gram panchayats of development block Korba. Government fair price shops will be opened in village panchayat Bendarkona, Songuda, Katkona, Mudhunara, Karumouha, Chakmar, Sakdukla, Bagbuda, Uraga, Kukaricholi, Bhainsma and Pandaripani in Korba development block. Applications have been invited for the allocation of new shops by the Office Sub-Divisional Officer, Revenue Korba till 19 pm on March 19.
Subdivisional Officer, Revenue Korba said that 12 newly opened fair price shops will be allotted to the agencies set by the government. These shops will be allotted to large scale primitive multipurpose co-operative society lamps, village panchayats or local urban bodies, government-registered women's self-help groups, forest protection societies, other cooperatives whose area of ​​work is compulsory in the village panchayat area and the state government-specific undertaking. . For allotment of new fair price shops, the institution has to submit the application in the prescribed format along with the live registration certificate, copy of the bylaws, list of the office bearers of the committee, true copy of the committee's bank passbook, details of the amount currently available in the bank .
Subdivisional Officer, Revenue Korba informed that allotment of fair price shops in Gram Panchayats will be done to those cooperative societies or agencies whose constitution is aimed at distributing or selling essential commodities to its members or other people of the area. He said that the scope of the concerned institution or committee should be the same area where the fair price shop is to be allotted to it. Any agency will be allotted a fair price shop in its area of ​​work. To ensure regular supply of essential commodities to ration card holders, more than one fair price shop can be allotted, keeping in view the situation. In any case, the said number will not exceed the three fair price shops. The Revenue Officer stated that in the event of any irregularity in the evaluation of previous work by the applicant institution or committee, they will not be considered eligible for allotment of shop.
The subdivisional officer informed that the allotment of fair price shop will be done to such cooperatives and women self-help groups who are registered and working at least three months before the date of receipt of the application and who have experience of working in the socio-economic field. The Revenue Officer said that after the allotment of fair price shop, it will be mandatory to paint in the shop building with the color prescribed by the government and to install CCTV camera in the shop. For operating the shop, it will be mandatory to obtain license related to food business and storage from the Department of Food and Drug Administration. For more information regarding shop allocation, the office can be contacted at the Subdivisional Officer, Revenue Korba.