Artist Dhanraj Shelke Kids Art Subscription Box A Booster in Pandemic

Artsit from Kolhapur creates Kids Art Subscription Box to help parents during pandemic

KOLHAPUR, India, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The boxed art is a family owned business that teaches children how to create art. The boxed art kits come with all the Necessary supplies and step by step instructions to complete monthly projects. These boxes are hand assembled in a studio located in kolhapur by their team.
Founded last year before the pandemic, "the boxed art" subscription supplements a virtual learning curriculum.

The boxed art is created by Artist Dhanraj Shelke with an aim to encourage ones creativity.
After gaining interest from 15,000/- followers, the idea of boxed art was born. The boxed art went from selling 10 boxes to 4,000+ boxes to a wide range of customers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Grand Hyatt, and many corporate clients.

Before the pandemic began, art was already being phased out of many schools across the country; when virtual learning became widespread in the midst of the pandemic, art classes became almost nonexistent, here comes the boxed art where 'The boxed art' is a self motivating do it yourself art kit consisting of separate different art forms like, oil, acrylic, water colours, crafts, knitting, pottery, sketching etc with an absolutely friendly guide included in box for free.

This self taught kit can be used by professionals on the go or by amateurs who want to make productive time and can't decide where to start from.

The box consists of all required materials and step by step guide for a specific art form as your choice.

I hope you enjoy this art kit box as much as we did while hand crafting it. The kit is at the highest quality with fine materials available in market.

So let's get started to de-stress ourself with our DIY do it yourself art kit and step into a world with hues and strokes and a lot more!

Now the boxed art has become a nationwide success in just under a year and all thanks to this creative family and their love of art. Contact customer care +91 9158513666