Balodabazar: AYUSH Department running public awareness campaign in rural areas for decoction

4 thousand people were given decoction in camps

Balodabazar, 23 May 2020 Consuming decoction made from Ayurveda herbs, gives the body the strength to combat a deadly disease like corona. Therefore, the health department of the state government strongly recommends decoction. After making arrangements to drink free decoction in the district hospital on the instructions of District Collector Shri Karthikeya Goyal, public awareness of decoction is being spread in rural areas. Dr. RK Banjare, Doctor of AYUSH Department, has been counting the method of preparing the decoction at home and its benefits by organizing camp in every village. A large number of villagers are benefiting by following the discipline of social distancing. About 4 thousand people were allowed to get a decoction in camps held in other villages, including the Ayurvedic dispensary dispensaries - Parsadih (Biligarh) and Amakhoha (Kasdol).

        Ayurveda physician Dr. Banjare told the people how to make the decoction at home. At the camp site, people are preparing their own decoction to make it easy for the villagers to understand the whole process. Take 33 grams of ingredients. Finely crush and keep it in an airtight compartment. To make the decoction, take 5 grams of powder in one liter of water and boil adding 5 leaves of basil to it. Jaggery or sugar can be added as per taste. When half a liter of water is left, the decoction is prepared. Drink it 2 times a day. This powder can also be used while making tea by adding basil leaf and boiling it in tea. Under the guidance and leadership of District Ayurved Officer Dr. MN Kashyap, public awareness campaign will be continued in the entire district towards decoction of decoction.