Bastar women are learning natural dyeing skills which sells for more money

Jagdalpur 03 March 2021: The handloom department has started training of natural dyeing for 10 women of the committee in Bastar Mahatma Gandhi Weavers Cooperative Society of the district from March 1. Currently, threads containing azodai (chemicals) are used in the preparation of all types of textiles.

In the natural dyeing, the white thread is given red, catechu and brown color, using the powder, cow dung, ash, castor oil, the bark of all trees etc.. This entire process is completed in 15 to 20 days, and no chemicals are used in it.

Natural color sells for more
Where the market price of normal white yarn is three thousand per bundle. On the other hand, the market value of natural all color threads is between 12 to 15 thousand, under the guidance of District Handloom Office Jagdalpur, these trainings are conducted and are committed and striving for the promotion and development of the weaver community of the district.