Railway Recruitment Board Bhubaneshwar Official Twitter Account Opened @RRB_BBSR

Railway Recruitment Board Bhubaneshwar opened official account on Social Media Twitter.

 A very candidate-friendly welfare-oriented step indeed.

All RRB candidates may kindly note.

RRB Bhubaneshwar candidates are very helpful from this twitter, gets all updates, notifications regarding recruitments & exams.


Railway Recruitment Board Bhubaneshwar Official Account first tweet is to inform Chairman Railway Recruitment Board Bhubaneshwar who also recently joined Twitter.

Odisha Milk Federation Home Delivery Milk & all OMFED Dairy Products including Ice Creams, All Orders from Swiggy

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21 April 2020 - Odisha Milk Federation started delivering their products along with milk at your doorsteps from orders. OMFED delivery system works only at Bhubaneshwar City, the capital of Odisha.

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