Bilaspur: In 5500+ hectare area in the district, Pulse Crop by Utera System The Relay Crop

Bilaspur 26 October 2021: In the Rabi season, land crops will be encouraged to expand the area of ​​pulses and oilseeds. Under which the target has been set for sowing of pulses in 5 thousand 670 hectare area in the district.
        As per the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, a special campaign will be launched to encourage the cultivated crops. Presently the paddy crop is in ripening stage. In view of this, guidelines have been issued by the Agriculture Department to encourage the cultivation of pulses and oilseeds. For this method, cluster selection will be done in the rain-fed paddy crop area at the development block level by focusing on Gothan villages. Especially short duration and drought tolerant varieties will be selected for landed crops. Seeds will be made available for sowing through cooperative society and private sector.
  It is noteworthy that in the traditionally rainfed area in the state, after harvesting the paddy crop, 20-25 days before harvesting, the seeds of pulses, oilseed crops were sown in the standing paddy crop by spraying method to use the residual moisture of the land. is taken. Due to open grazing, there has been a decrease in the area of ​​​​the crop landed for some years. The Roka-Chheka program is being run by the state government through the Suraji village scheme to prevent open grazing by setting up Gauthans. Which will be extended till the end of Rabi season. This will encourage the sowing of pulses and oilseeds crops and the area of ​​these crops can be expanded as per the wishes of the Chief Minister.