Black Rice, Haldi and Jimikand Production in Dantewada, Geedam, Katekalyan and Kuakonda

Dantewada: Production of black rice in all four development blocks Dantewada, Geedam, Katekalyan and Kuakonda of the district: Black rice is rich in nutritious elementsunder ATMA Scheme

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Scheme was active in India since 2005

Dantewada, June 11, 2021 Under the Extension Reforms Atma Yojna of the Agriculture Department, 10 units of turmeric, 10 units of jimmikand are being given to self-help groups in four development blocks of the district to promote the cultivation of turmeric and jimikand (Gajendra). In order to increase the income of the self-help group farmers, along with this, this year, 49 farmers of black rice (which is full of medicinal properties) in all the four development blocks are being demonstrated in 49 acres.

For the first time in Dantewada district, black rice is being produced in all the four development blocks. The specialty of this rice is that its use is beneficial for keeping the heart healthy and strong. The phytochemicals present in it control cholesterol levels, and reduce cholesterol. At the same time, it reduces the chances of arthrosclerosis flake formation in the arteries of the heart, thereby reducing the chances of heart attack and stroke.

To reduce obesity, people almost stop eating rice, the same black rice is very beneficial, because black rice is beneficial for reducing obesity. Due to the presence of plenty of fiber, it eliminates problems like constipation. Gives benefit in flatulence or other problems related to digestion. There is no harm in consuming it daily also.

Black rice is rich in anthocyanin antioxidants which are helpful in protecting against diseases like cardiovascular and cancer. It also increases resistance. The dark color of these rice is due to the special antioxidant element present in them which is beneficial for your skin and eyes as well as brain.