Boating and Water Sports in Korba's Manikpur Pokhari: Collector Ranu Sahu

Korba: Manikpur Pokhari will be decorated for the residents of the city: Water sports including boating will also be available

Collector Mrs. Sahu inspected, discussed the action plan, hope to start work soon

Korba 24 June 2021 The work of decorating the water filled in the closed coal mine of Manikpur for the residents of the city is expected to start soon. Collector Mrs Ranu Sahu today inspected Manikpur Pokhari along with Municipal Corporation Commissioner Mr Kuldeep Sharma and officials of SECL and discussed its beautification, possibilities of developing it as a tourist destination and action plan. Mrs. Sahu directed the officers of SECL to get the plan made for the beautification and development of Manikpur Pokhari approved at the earliest and make speedy efforts to provide the necessary funds. Municipal Commissioner Mr. Sharma informed that earlier also a proposal-cum-action plan had been prepared to develop Pokhari from the point of view of tourism. Which has been sent to SECL for approval. In this action plan, the immense water body of Pokhri and its surroundings include Sports Zone, Boating Activity, Public Zone, Food Zone, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Viewing Point, Selfie Point, Parking Zone, Herbal Zone, Camping, Cycle Trek, Archery, Walking Trek, Natural Trek, Various beautification related works have been included with fountain, garden, gazebo, open gym, tree house, lighting etc. Collector Mrs. Sahu instructed the officers to take further action on this action plan at a fast pace so that the said Pokhari, which is full of natural beauty, can be developed as a good tourist spot.
Developed Manikpur Pokhari will become a good medium of employment at the local level: Collector Mrs. Sahu - During the inspection to develop Pokhari located near Manikpur Basti from the point of view of tourism, Collector Mrs. Sahu described it as a good medium of employment at the local level. The Collector said that with the beautification of Pokhari and its full development, the local unemployed youth would get work in boating, parking, water sports, small breakfast shops, hotels, security related works and many other areas. With the development of Pokhari, on the one hand, a good place of entertainment will be available for the residents of the city, on the other hand, the employment opportunities created by it will improve the financial condition of the poor section.
Collector also inspected various ongoing construction works in the city - From early morning, Collector Mrs. Ranu Sahu made a surprise inspection of many ongoing construction works in Korba Municipal Corporation area. He instructed to complete the works which have reached almost completion status by finishing them at a fast pace. Mrs. Sahu inspected the auditorium under construction near the SP office. He also spoke directly to the officials of the Municipal Corporation and the contractor doing the work. Mrs. Sahu instructed to complete the construction work of the auditorium with full quality within the stipulated time frame. After this, the under-construction 500 seater boys hostel at Collector Dingapur also reached. Here he inspected the hostel and inquired about the quality of construction. He directed that the sporadic work of this almost completed hostel should be done expeditiously and completed it in a month. He inspected the bedrooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms etc. built in the ashram and also instructed the officials to arrange library and study hall for the students to study.

Mrs. Sahu then reached the under-construction Swami Vivekananda Educational Complex located on Risdi Road. He inquired about the purpose of construction of this complex from the officials of the Municipal Corporation and instructed to speed up the slow pace of work. In this two-storeyed complex, arrangements will be made for 18 shops, four offices, nine halls along with lift etc. at a cost of about Rs.8.50 crore.

The Collector instructed the officers to take special initiative to conduct academic activities, coaching etc. in Swami Vivekananda Educational Complex. He also directed to complete the work of the campus by next December. The Collector also inspected the multi-level parking at Sunalia Chowk and instructed the municipal officials to prepare a detailed action plan for its proper use.