Brazil's Julia Gama in Top 5: Miss Universe 2021 Hollywood Results Online

Julia Gama is an actress, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is passionate about life and diverse cultures. Julia studied chemistry engineering and has a degree in drama arts. Julia began her journey as an international ambassador for Leprosy six years ago and is an activist in India, China, Europe and Brazil and has received several distinctions from international organizations. She lived in China for three years and is the first Brazilian actress to conquer space in the Chinese film industry. For her cultural contribution, she received the “The Most Incredible Award” from Belt and the Road Chinese Government International Initiative in 2017. Julia speaks fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and can communicate in Mandarin and German. With the hardship of the pandemic, Julia decided to leave China and return to Brazil to work with Smile Train. She expects to provide surgeries to all the cleft lip and palate children in Brazil by July of 2021.