Cartilage Transplantation in Gangauri Hospital, Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated Dr Siddharth Sharma

Health Minister congratulates Gangauri Hospital doctors for cartilage transplantation

Jaipur, February 24. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated Dr Siddharth Sharma and his team of Gangauri Hospital in Jaipur for cartilage transplantation.

Hospital Superintendent Dr Ajay Mathur said that this kind of transplantation has been done for the first time and it will prove very useful for sportspersons. 

A sportswoman of Jaipur had come to the hospital with the complaint of repeated swelling and locking of knees. Senior arthroscopy and sports injury expert Dr Siddharth Sharma suggested the patient to go for Osteoarticular Transfer System (OATS), which can be done through minimal invasive surgical procedure. Till now these procedures were done with big incisions.

Dr Siddharth said that in OATS technique, healthy cartilage from the patient’s body was taken out and transplanted at the damaged cartilage. As the surgery was done through arthroscopy the patient started walking the next day after the transplantation and with the help of physiotherapy the patient can do her daily activities without any problem.

The team of Dr Siddharth included Dr Alok Tiwari, Dr Utkarsh, Dr Siddharth Jain, Dr Mohit, Dr Harshit, Dr Basant Kumar and Dr Pankaj. The anaesthesia team that played an important role included Dr Harpreet, Dr Harsh, Dr Harish Gupta and Dr Ayushi Dadhich.