Chantel O'Brian in Ein Karem, Miss Universe Bahamas Pictures

The Etiquette Coach Chantel O'Brian has set the trend in The Holy Land as The Warrior Look of A Bahamian Woman.

Sat, Dec 4, 2021, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Israel: Miss Universe Queens are touring The Holy Land, Chantel O'Brian is seen in Ein Kerem or 'Ayn Karim enjoying the posing against Lovely Ein Karem Minaret. She is wearing orange half shirt and shining golden sandals. Miss Universe Bahamas’s Dark Green Head Wrap is very tylish and the whole Chantel look is eye catching for uniqueness, matching with Ein Karem Minaret just by the side of her head with elegantly tied turban. She has chosen quite striking pose of Miss Universe Pictures from Ein Kerem or 'Ayn Karim Jerusalem. The other picture is side portrait captured by Official Photographer BENJAMIN ASKINAS revealing her cute laugh and shine of solid golden ear rings.
The iconic Bahamian Woman in Turban pictures of Chantel O'Brian from Ein Kerem or 'Ayn Karim are precious looks of lifetime.

Ein Kerem or 'Ayn Karim is written in Hebrew as עין כרם‎ and in Arabic as عين كارم, Birthplace of Saint John the Baptist

Israel Omicron restrictions bans foreign travel but Chantel has come all the way to The Holy Land Defying The Super Class pandemic. Israeli government has allowed easier norms for Miss Universe Delegates exempting Every 48 PCR Tests.

Check back for more updates on Chantel O'Brian Miss Universe Bahamas 2021, who is the co-founder of The Leading Ladies Project, which is an organization prioritizing the education of underprivileged girls in Abaco, Bahama

Chantel O'Brian Miss Universe Bahamas 2021, poses while spending the day at Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Israel. The Miss Universe delegates are touring the sights, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown before the show airs LIVE from Eilat, Israel on Sunday, December 12 at 7:00 PM ET on FOX and Telemundo.

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