Check New Miss NH Board led by President David Appleby, Includes Megan Irving Miss New Hampshire 2014

Meet the new leaders at Miss New Hampshire Teem in 2023, Current Director David Appleby returns New President and Co-Executive Director

Miss NH Board Retirees includes Brenda Keith, William "Bill" Haggerty, Lynne Ulaky, and Mark Gross.

Wed, Feb 1, 2023: New leadership team is revealed today at The Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program includes 3 Co-Executive Directors, David Appleby, Claudette Jolin and Megan Irving Miss New Hampshire 2014.

The future of Miss NH Organization will go ahead now with President David Appleby, Vice President Candice Mieczkowski, Treasurer Alyssa Palmunen and Secretary Pattie Lamontagne.

The MNHSP has wished “immense gratitude to the Board Members who have recently retired from our Board of Directors.” 

The Organization has further said to board retirees “thank you all for your many years of selflessly giving your time and energy to our program! The Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program is the organization it is today because of your incredible contributions and commitment to the cause of providing scholarship dollars to the outstanding young women of our state. We truly cannot thank you enough, and we wish you all the very best in your Miss New Hampshire retirement!”

The other important highlights are, Brenda Keith will be returning to the local program she began her Miss New Hampshire journey with, Miss Greater Derry.

Lynne Ulaky will continue her involvement with our program as a volunteer. 
Bill Haggerty will remain a part of our program as a Board Member Emeritus.

Miss NH is Preliminary to National Miss America Opportunity which also has changing its course with new and more empowered led by New CEO Robin Fleming.