Chhattisgarh Chief Minister's Tree Plantation Promotion Scheme

The Indian State is Promoting Farmers to Grow Trees in Farms Instead of Regular Food Grains and Offering Incetive

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel launched the Chief Minister's Tree Plantation Promotion Scheme in the state in a virtual program organized at his residence office here today.

India Anniunces School Education Performance Grading Index Online

Union Education Minister approves the release of Performance Grading Index (PGI) 2019-20 for States and Union Territories, No One in India could reach Level I (951 - 1000)

Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Nagaland gets Level VII (651 - 700) Grade IV

Level II (901 - 950) Grade I++ States & UTs are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Kerala, Punjab and Tamil Nadu

Level III (851 - 900) Grade I+ to Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Gujrat, Haryana, Maharashtra, NCT of Delhi, Puducherry and Rajasthan

Chhattisgarh Declares Black fungus Mucormycosis Notifiable Disease

Raipur 22 May 2021 Mucormycosis has been declared as a notifiable disease in the state. Notification in this regard has been issued by the Health Department today. Under this, the guidelines issued by Chhattisgarh State Government / ICMR / Government of India to all health care providers (government and private) of Chhattisgarh state regarding screening, identification and management of Mucormycosis. The instructions and revised guidelines issued from time to time will have to be followed.

Chhattisgarh controls Corona Pandemic Surge with better testing, tracing, vaccination and treatment

2197 tests per million population daily in the state, while only 1245 at the national level

After expansion of facilities, now TRUNAT in 39 labs and RTPCR test in 15

6 new government labs are getting ready for RTPCR test

Facility of antigen test up to primary health center level

Rapid decline in infection rate, from 30 percent to now 12 percent

Search and investigation of 7 contacts of every Kovid patient ensured

Chhattisgarh allows Journalists and Lawyers (with Family) Priority Vaccination

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel makes big announcement regarding Covid-19 vaccination :   Journalists, lawyers and their families will also get priority in vaccination like front line workers
People with comorbidity, food providers, vegetable vendors, Anganwadi workers, Mitanins, Panchayat secretaries, Kotwar-Patel and PDS managers & vendors included in the list of front line workers

 State Government employees, State Public Sector Undertaking employees and their Immediate family members also included

FRRE Film Shooting NOC in Chhattisgarh within 30 Days: Chhollywood News

Good News for Chhollywood, Chhattisgarhi Film Shooting NOC is FREE

Chhattisgarh Film Cell constituted for the information regarding film production

Single Dashboard facility started to promote Chhattisgarhi Film industry and to solve the problems arising in film production
State Government authorizes District Collector to issue free No Objection Certificates related to film production

Time-bound issuance of NOC related to film production included under Public Service Guarantee Act

02 May 2021 Covishield and Covaxin Vaccination Update

Achievement on 02.05.2021

Total Session held today= 1876
HCW First dose = 106
HCW Second dose= 202
FLW First dose= 1491
FLW Second dose= 674
45+ Year1st dose = 6610
45+ Year 2nd dose = 14627
Total achievement= 23710

A total of 56 lakh 22 thousand 933 vaccine doses administered in Chhattisgarh so far

 Chhattisgarh on second position after Kerala in terms of vaccination

 More than 72 lakh 70 thousand tests conducted so far

Chhattisgarh Sarkar Ensures Bed Availability in Raipur, Covid Status Better

Adequate number of beds of all kinds are available in Raipur for COVID patients
Timely availability of adequate number of beds in hospitals ensured

COVID prevention status in Chhattisgarh is better than before

Raipur 2 May 2021  Suffient number of beds of all kinds are available in Raipur for treatment of the COVID patients. Timely availability of beds for COVID patients in the hospitals of Raipur is being ensured. The situation of prevention and treatment of COVID infection is presently better than before.