Chhattisgarh celebrates Online Event Facebook Live on Museum Day

Live display of artifacts on International Museum Day  

Raipur, 18 May 2020 On the occasion of International Museum Day on 18 May, on the instructions of Culture Minister Shri Amarjeet Bhagat, the artifacts displayed in Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum and various galleries were displayed live on Facebook.

All museums have been closed for visitors due to the lockdown by the state government to protect against corona virus infection. Even in such a difficult situation, an online event was organized to introduce the archaeological lover and the common people to their heritage and keep them connected to the glorious past.

On the occasion of International Museum Day by the Directorate of Culture and Archeology, the department's live visit of the Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum and various artifacts displayed on Facebook on Facebook.
Under the guidance of Amrit Vikas Topano, Director of Culture Department, the Collector Dr. PC Parikh introduced the museum.

The officers of the Department of Culture were given detailed information about the inscriptions and copper sheets stored in the records gallery, including the museum's specific antiquities.

Guides Smt. Roshni Sharma and Rajneesh Jha gave information about archeology and tribal galleries and wildlife and ordnance galleries respectively.

Supervisor Prabhat Kumar Singh spoke about the sculptures displayed in the statue gallery.