Chhattisgarh Farmers Nutrition Garden To Enhance Livelihood Income

Poshan Badi The Nutrition Garden in Chhattisgarh Farmers' Land is doing wonders in Pushing Rural Economy Ahead

Raipur, 17 September 2021: To strengthen the economic condition of the farmers, the Chhattisgarh government is running the Poshan Bari Vikas Yojana. Farmers are getting the benefit of this, their income is increasing. Farmer Mr. Vijay Kashyap, resident of village Bhadi of Bilha development block of Bilaspur district, is also cultivating green vegetables in his garden under the Nutrition Bari Development Scheme. They are getting additional income of about 16 thousand from this scheme.
    Farmer Mr. Vijay Kashyap says that he got information about this scheme from the officials of Horticulture Department. Technical guidance is also given by them. They used to take paddy crop earlier, in which the cost was high and the percentage of profit was low. Under the guidance of the Horticulture Department, they have received vegetable mini kits and fruit plants under the Bari Vikas Yojana, as well as the right way and suggestions for planting horticulture crops were also given by the officers of the department. Presently he cultivates tomato and chilli in 0.300 hectare. With the use of vegetables in their homes, they earn an annual income of 16 thousand rupees. He told that he has got more yield and profit from horticulture crops than paddy. He explains that the officers of the Horticulture Department give important advice to the farmers like using the vacant land around their residence for gardening, as well as adopting crop rotation for the production of vegetables, maximum use of organic manure. . They say that farmers should take fruit and vegetable crops in their fields in addition to paddy, this will give them additional and more income.