Chhattisgarh Police Spandan Abhiyan for depression and stress control

Prompt implementation of the Chief Minister's instruction: State police started Spandan Abhiyan to protect police personnel from depression and stress
All senior police officers, including DGP, will be aware of their problems by spending time with the soldiers.

Fighter will do night rest in company once a month

Arrangement of psychologist, music therapy, yoga education, sports and library in camps of inaccessible areas

Director General of Police will discuss with the soldiers through special interactive program twice a month

A special mobile app will be launched soon for monitoring the problems of police personnel

    Raipur, 02 June 2020 Quickly following the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the State Police has started a pulsation campaign from today to save the soldiers from depression and stress. Director General of Police Shri DM Awasthi has prepared an action plan in this regard today in the presence of senior police officers and psychologists in a detailed meeting and has been named as pulsation to run this action plan under the campaign. This scheme has been implemented with immediate effect in the state. Detailed guidelines in this regard have been issued to all Superintendents of Police and fighters.

  It is to be noted that Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel had expressed deep concern about the increasing depression and tension among the police personnel and directed the Director General of Police that Chhattisgarh Police should prepare an action plan in this regard to remove the mental depression that is arising in the soldiers. Can be done and prevent recurrence of violent incidents from it. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel had also directed that Yoga classes and counseling from psychologists should also be organized for the soldiers.

     Director General of Police Shri Awasthi said that as part of the pulsing campaign, all police officers will visit police lines, police stations and armed forces companies and spend time with the jawans and will be aware of their problems. All fighters will rest night in each company once a month. Similarly, superintendents of police have also been directed to visit all the police stations and police lines and listen to the problems of the soldiers.

     In Spandan Abhiyan, the Director General of Police at Police Headquarters Raipur, will conduct a special interactive program twice a month to meet the officers and employees of the District Police Force and Armed Forces, under which they will be discussed by the Director General of Police himself. Apart from this, arrangements for psychologists, music therapy, yoga education, sports, library etc. will be made in the camps adjacent to all the inaccessible areas with immediate effect.

    The Inspector General of Police of all the range has also been asked to start an instant flutter operation in their range so that it can provide relief to the soldiers. All the senior officers including the Director General of Police will visit remote areas and discuss with the officers and staff posted there. A special app is being prepared for monitoring the problems of police personnel at the police headquarters level. Which will be launched soon. Through which policemen and their families will be able to communicate their problems to the concerned officials. This app will come into existence in the next 15 days. Mr. Awasthi has said that as per the wish of the Chief Minister, the State Police will carry out a pulsing campaign to ensure that none of our policemen remain depressed and their families can get a healthy environment.